Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Nov 21

Winter is coming, as so many people like to say nowadays. The days are getting shorter and it seems to be getting progressively colder with each day. I have even heard rumours that it will snow in October. Many are facing that eternal dilemma, whether to turn the heating on now or endure a few more weeks of cold living before submitting to heated bliss. Personally, I like to wait until it gets really cold before turning on the heating because heating is expensive! Bills are something we simply have to accept as a part of modern, civilised society. Whilst it might be helpful to know how to read an oil tank gauge there are considerations you can take into consideration alongside this to keep control over your heating bills. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to significantly reduce the heating bill while still being more than comfortable during the winter months.

At some point during the year, you will decide that it’s time for your home’s boiler to heat more than the running water. An old boiler can cost more energy and may not work efficiently. You should therefore upgrade with a new one and save on your heating bills. Approach Albert Culver Company or a similar one in your locality to install the new boiler or furnace. Now, if you do not already have a thermostat then invest in one immediately. Take a look at the temperatures you usually use to heat the house and consider whether you could potentially lower them.If you turn the heating down by a few degrees it can save you a whole lot of money and you likely won’t even notice. The same applies to the water heating: you really don’t need more than ten minutes of hot water in the shower at a time and hot water is just as acceptable as boiling hot water, provided that you have access to something like this split heat pump hot water system to help ensure that you can at least use hot water as and when you please. While it’s nice to have the option of a lengthy, hot shower once in a while, it would just be decadent if you indulged in this on a daily basis. Most modern thermostats come with the option to set multiple time brackets for each day of the week. This is great since you can program the heat to come on only when you need it. For instance, the heat comes on an hour before you wake up and then switches off around the time you leave for work. The heat then comes on an hour before you usually get home from work and stays on until you go to bed. The use of select heating is definitely the logical way to go. In order to get the most out of your boiler, you should ensure that it is working properly. A gas services company like Infinity Gas Services can conduct regular maintenance checks on your boiler, making sure that everything is up to scratch.

Once your home is heated up, you will want to retain that heat. You would be surprised how much heat escapes through various gaps in the house. You can avoid this travesty by sealing off drafty areas such as plug sockets and spaces between panelling with materials like foam sealant. If you have a fireplace be sure to keep the damper closed and place plastic film on your windows to stop air from escaping. Utilise the heat that comes from everyday appliances such as ovens and computers – since it’s already there you might as well use it. Be careful though, because fans left on in the bathroom or kitchen can suck up excess heat in a matter of minutes. Finally, don’t underestimate the benefits of wrapping up. A good pair of socks or an extra cardigan can often make the difference when you’re feeling a bit chilly.