Save Money and the Environment by Going Paperless

Oct 31

Large organisations can be saving money on something as simple as going paperless. Even large organisations have started to go online and go paperless, including high street banks.

Is printing lazy?

Printing has been ingrained in the business minds of everyone who had to take files into meetings, print out essays, or just to read something on the go that they had had on their computer back at work. Those days are going, if not gone. Everyone reads email on the go via smartphones, takes tablets into meetings (or laptops) and uses such as evernote or browser extensions like readlater to save documents to read at a later date.

So is it laziness? Well there are plenty of methods out there for storing, viewing and sharing documents online, so partially if someone is a serial printer, then it might be worth mentioning the economic and environmental benefits of not printing out everything on a whim.

There are still some reasons to print though.

If your organisations has offices and you want your employees to focus on one document (AGM? Annual reports?), taking time out of their day to really focus on something then printing could be the best option. I mean, with all of the factors in modern life vying for our attention, telling employees to check out the new corporate document online is fie, but will they do it- that’s hard to measure. Taking time of the day and handing them something printed means the job gets done. They read the document.

This is common during training, the document being a training manual or booklet.

You could bore people to death with a powerpoint, of course, but unless you want to inflict maximum pain on them why would you? The alternative is producing a booklet or manual. If you need to print in bulk you can get others to do it for you! There are plenty of online booklet printing services available and this could be a good option. Though if you are anything like me though you will want to work out all the ways of saving time, money and the environment. The new generation of presentations are prezzis. They are kind of like interactive, moving presentations that are like videos. Check out prezzi for more info.

That said, sometimes, some people, want something tangible. I do too. I still have hundreds of books, and read them when I want something real and tangible. I must admit that print is good and fine, but something in me worries for the future of print.