How To Save Big On Holiday Costs

Nov 13

Many individuals pick this time of the year to plan their 2014 holiday. As they quickly discover, despite soaring competition prices are likely to remain the same and even increase in certain areas. It is possible to save a substantial amount by following a basic list of recommendations that are designed to save your hard earned cash regardless of the type of holiday.

Timing – There are two periods in the year in which holiday companies offer considerable savings and further discounts. The first period falls after September when the traditional summer break is over and individuals are back hard at work. At which point, companies offer huge savings for those early bird bookings. The second period, falls just before the summer break starts, in what is known as last minute holidays. If you are wiling and able, try to place your booking before the season starts or as a last minute booking, though you might be limited by availability. You could also speak to an advisor about when the best time to book your holiday is likely to be; having travel expertise on your side can certainly help you get a great deal.

Transportation – The cost of getting your party to your port of call and within the destination, the cost of getting around is expensive. The most cost-effective is by no means the most luxurious or convenient, though you should consider it. So rather than booking multiple luxury sedans for the group, you can consider booking a minibus that can accommodate your entire group. This is especially advantageous when travelling with a large family or a sizable group of friends. Transport hire options, such as this minibus hire Middlesbrough, can provide a practical and economical solution for ensuring everyone can travel together comfortably. Additionally, public transport in any country is significantly more affordable than private transport so when possible, limit your use of private hire in place of public or even add a sense of healthy living to your holiday by walking or cycling.

Food – Regardless of the type of holiday, we all need to eat and drink. On holiday and away from the comfort of your own home, these tend to represent a considerable chunk of the holiday budget. You can reduce costs by residing in a self-catering type of accommodation such as one holiday villa in which you can simply head to the nearest shop and stock up your well-equipped kitchen. Alternatively, you should seriously consider an all-expense paid holiday in which your meals are included in the price of the package. Food and drink costs might seem trivial to small groups and couples, though to families it represent soaring costs.

Currency – Unless you are planning to travel in your country of residency, you will likely require local currency. The difference in exchange rates between different vendors can significantly impact your travel budget, so it’s a factor not to take lightly. To make the most of your money, it’s advisable to take the time to research currency exchange possibilities. Don’t hesitate to explore your options and even engage with local independent currency converters. Sometimes, they are willing to match or even improve upon rates offered by larger institutions, as they value your business and may provide a more favourable exchange rate, ensuring you get the most out of your currency conversion.

Information by UK based Affair Travel. The UK’s most affordable villa holiday agents.