Printing Money – or Money to Burn

Nov 05

For years now, we’ve all seen the note, “Please do not print this email”, but despite this, old habits die hard in the office!  The habit of printing, reading and binning documents has been ingrained in office workers for many years and it can be a hard one to break.  There are a number of reasons – many people still find it easier to read hard copy than the digital variety (hence the development of the e-reader).  In addition, most office workers are not directly responsible for the printing budget, which means that the urge to print off just the one little copy can be overwhelming – and for those responsible for the budget so can the costs.  Dedicated print management services can make all the difference when it comes to cutting printing costs for your business.

Strategic Thinking

In house or outsourced print management services need to be effective, and a strategy should be in place to ensure that this is so.  Recycling is a crucial part of the printing regime – at least in an environmental cost sense.  Every company should consider recycling – it’s your corporate responsibility.   A full assessment of exactly where money is being burnt on the printing front can also help you to cut corners; a managed print strategy will help to reduce not only costs but will help to enforce printing rules. This in turn can help to reduce unwanted or unnecessary printing by members of staff.

Limited Facilities

Effective reduction in printing quantities across your company can be achieved by reducing the number of printers available to staff.  By introducing print management policies and removing those handy desktop printers (handy and easily abused!) a considerable reduction in costs can be achieved in less time than you might think!  With fewer printers around the building and a dedicated print room, investment in high quality multi-functional printers can allow for greater flexibility and effective management of cost in terms of maintenance and consumables.  Printers for example, with duplex printing functions can halve the amount you end up spending on paper! 

Expert Knowledge

Outsourcing to print management firms can also make a lot of sense; after all, who better to manage your printing requirements than the experts themselves?  Expertise in any field is invaluable, and in terms of print management it’s likely to be an investment that reaps the benefits in terms of reducing your costs.  In addition to expertise in effective, efficient and environmentally friendly printing practices, management companies can also offer another simple saving – lower costs when it comes to purchasing equipment and consumables.  Most will have greater buying power when it comes to printing materials and equipment, and they can pass these savings directly on to you. 

Super Fast Savings

As the saying goes, looking after the pennies is the most certain way to ensure that the pounds are under control.  Print management is a significant expense for many firms and by taking control of your printing arrangements, you can make significant savings faster than you might think!