A More Practical Approach to Financial Resolutions

Aug 02

It seems my efforts to wean my daughter off her bad habit of interrupting me whenever she wants to have her say are finally paying-off, just in time too as I recently spotted her staring at me out of the corner of my eye, seemingly not wanting to disturb my deep thought-process. While I was staring into the abyss, it hit me that most of us just aren’t truly practical about the financial resolutions we make.

The retail sector is perhaps complicit in what are really some weak financial resolutions people make all the time in that they over commercialise things like holidays, basically communicating the message that it’s okay to lose your financial inhibitions just so that you can make the special occasion, well, “special.” I’m personally in no better position than the next person. I mean I also feel just as much pressure to buy gifts and spoil those closest to me on special occasions and traditional festive seasons, even though deep down inside I know full-well that my parents for example would love nothing more than a visit from their kids and grandkids to mark special occasions such as their birthdays, etc, and yet I still feel the need to come bearing gifts – expensive gifts at that.

It is indeed this #OccasionalSpending where we need to start looking if we want to be savvier with our money. I’m not saying anybody should spend less or not even spend at all on spoiling their loved ones as part of the seasonal festivities and celebrations. All I’m saying is rather than making generic, overly broad and downright unrealistic financial resolutions every single year, it’s perhaps better to make more realistic ones.

For example, if you know that every single year-end during the mad festive-season-shopping rush you always fall short on your gift-buying treasure chest, rather than waiting until then to take out a last-minute loan, why not take that loan now so that you have less financial pressure coming from the many other areas of your life which require a slice of your monthly budget as well? It makes more sense, doesn’t it – both financially and I guess “emotionally?”

I mean by the time Christmas time comes around again, you have a million and one other things to have to pay for and buy. If you use https://swiftmoney.com/payday-loans-for-bad-credit.php to get a payday loan for instance, and you want to buy some gifts for loved ones or pamper them in any other special way, take that loan on one of the many other months during the year to buy those gifts then, as opposed to waiting until the actual occasion comes around, by which time you might have many other financial commitments to fulfil.

I’ve personally started practicing what I preach and yes, I do make use of payday loans as well, in the best way possible, knowing that the trick to making these short-term loans work well for you resides in your effort to pay them back as quickly as you can. This year April was a good gift-buying month for me and I’m happy to report that all but one or two of my presents for Christmas have already been fully paid off!