Money – The Root of All Evil or the Road to Happiness?

Dec 19

Do you buy a lottery ticket every week?  Most of us do don’t’ we, and then we dream about all the things that we would do if money were no object.  That big mansion with the swimming pool and outdoor tennis courts.  The Porsche in the 2-car garage, maybe with a top of the range BMW alongside it.  Of course, one would be a convertible for the days when the sun shines.  Then there’s the holiday abroad – at least three times a year, including skiing in the French Alps.  Our wardrobes would be bursting with the latest clothes to hit the shelves, a monthly shopping trip would take us to Harrods and our kids would get toys from Hamleys.  But would we really be happy, even then?

So many times you will read a story in a newspaper or magazine where someone won and lost millions of pounds.  And how does the story nearly always end up?  The money made them miserable, they fell out with friends and family.  They got bored not working.  They were miserable. They are much happier now the money has gone.  So maybe our daydreams are better off remaining as just that.  Better to stay in amongst the ranks of those of us who survive on a day to day basis, forever counting the pennies and trying hard to keep our heads above water.  Maybe after all this is what drives us forward and keeps us going?  After all, if we really never had to work again, what would we do with all of that free time?

Of course being in this category means that we do have our bad days.  Times when income minus outgoings just doesn’t add up.  Maybe we’ve had a big expense like car servicing or repairs, or the ever faithful computer at home has just given up the ghost.  Unless we are able to budget and save for things like this, we are bound to have times when we struggle.  What do we do then?  Well luckily there are options available to us.  If we prefer not to borrow from family, then the internet can come to the rescue.  Companies like Wonga can provide us with short term loans.  Take a look at their website and you will find it a very simple process.

But how does it work?  Well in this case, the words ‘short term loan’ really do mean that.  Whatever sum you borrow, you have to pay it back, in full, within 28 days or less.  You are charged interest on your borrowings but the money will be in your bank account very fast.  No credit checks to go through, simply fill in the online application form and once accepted you can borrow up to £400.  It is essential that you pay back on time, but as long as you do, the loan is cleared in full and you do not have the unpleasant downside that comes with credit cards and bank overdrafts of having to repay monthly amounts on a long-term basis.

So the moral of the story?  It is possible to be happy with limited amounts of money, as long as we can be happy with what we have!