Melbourne Storms V.S. Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs–Best Players Breakdown

Feb 27

The first round of the NRL Telstra Premiership 2017 brings head to head two of the best teams of the Rugby league. The highly anticipated match between The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and the Melbourne Storms is scheduled to be held on 3rdMarch Friday in the Southern Cross Group Stadium.

When two competing teams like these are about to face each other; it is sure to cause of ripple of excitement and unrest among the masses. The Bulldogs are a decorated Rugby team with eight premiership championship titles under their name. The Melbourne Storms have been playing for a long time now too, with two NRL championships and various grand finals under their belt, where they never fail to give the competing team a tough time and the gamblers worldwide a chance to place online bets on them. Not to forget that this might be the best time for fans to gear up with the official jersey of their preferred team. What better way to show support to your favorite team than wearing their jersey? Fortunately, all the official merchandise can be found on an NRL shop like MarketSports Online. Those who are interested can check out their website.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the best players that we’ll see playing against each other in the coming month:

1. Dean Britt:

Britt is the forward for the Storms and while he has not reached his best right now, the way he keeps developing his game and show hard work on the field can quickly escalate his ranking among the best. He is someone to watch out for.

2. Kenneth Bromwich:

Also known as Kenny, this player can easily be declared as the best one of the Storms. He can be relied upon, on the field and his versatility makes him a gem of a player. Just into his third year and an NRL player, he gained first grade ranking and is a major factor behind the Storms’ highly developed forward pack.

3. Cheyse Blair:

Blair is a young and determined player of the Storms who believed he could turn his game around and he did just that. He also seems to have a hoard of fans because of his rebellious streak in which he became the first rugby player to wear a full sleeved jersey.

4. Josh Morris:

Morris is the high speeding fast scorer player of the Bulldogs whose unrelenting game is a force to be reckoned with. On top of his blistering speed, his huge frame and fast thinking makes him exceptional at defense and gives his team an added advantage to have him on the field.

5. James Graham:

Graham is the forward for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and his passion, drive and skills are what drove the team to winning several times. The world and especially the betters are counting heavily on Graham to let his experience and talent guide the team to victory once again in 2017.

6. Zac Woolford:

Woolford is a very new and young addition to the team. This-20 year-old is crafty and swift with his goal kicking abilities leaving the competitors spellbound. Also, his skill to tear through the toughest defense makes him a dream player for every club.

Right now, it is hard to say which team will win the first game of the Premiership, we can only hope that gamblers are being careful while betting their money on the right team.