Making a Bit of Extra Cash Online…

May 20

Gambling is one of those hobbies that can, if you’re lucky, be lucrative and earn you a little extra cash every now and again. I’m not a massive fan of gambling (I like my money making shemes to be a bit more of a sure thing!), but I do like to play for fun, and if there’s a hobby I enjoy that has the added the benefit of possibly making me a little extra pocket money, all the better!

However, visiting a casino every night isn’t really all that practical; in addition to the money you have to spend on bets, you also have drinks costs and travel costs to consider.

I wholly enjoyed my hobby, but not the point in which I’d ever visit an actual casino every night – I’m not that daft, and I don’t have tonnes of money to butn! But I have found a quicker and easier alternative, and so I’ve tried my hand at making a little extra money online lately…


My experiences have revealed a couple of advantages to playing online casino games rather than heading out to an actual casinos, and it’s these I’d like to share with you…

Genuine Privacy

This is the perfect solution if you’re the type (like me) to shy away from the big crowds and chaos of the casion, but still love the thrill gambling. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your house and be influenced by the inevitable victims of hasty decisions and alcohol-clouded judgement, and who want nothing more than to rant to you about their losses.


You don’t even have to brave the elements and leave your cosy, warm house – or, more importantly, even have to worry about setting aside some cash for the entrance fee of a casino. You do not have to dress up all sharp for the occasion, and you can even play your session in your favourite pajamas or onesie!



Areas with big casinos and bars are rarely considered to be safe places, despite all the bright lights and crowds of people. Those who have enough to be able to place bets will, unfortunately, always be viewed as targets, regardless of the results of the night’s gambling sessions. As most casiono sessions begin at night, you’rere better off not having to drive home by yourself, or even risk walking to and from the casino from the carpark – especially if you’re a woman, like me!

These factors may not seem that important at first, and perhaps you part of your enjoyment lies in the loud cacophony of sounds in the casino. But if you’re someone who simply gets a thrill from the wins and losses rather than the environmental factors, you’d do well to give online casinos a shot, and discover a whole new, practical way of practicing your hobby.

You will not only save time by not having to drive to the closest gambling area, but you also save money from the entrance, the dinner, the expected alcoholic drinks and the gas for the car. These all add up eventually, and will be additional funds to increase your bets and add to your winnings- provided that Lady Luck is on your side.