Little Cost Cuts That Make A BIG Difference

Nov 24

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When your monthly bank statement lands on your doorstep with a bang, it always takes us by surprise. We often can’t quite work out how we managed to spend so much in one month! The problem isn’t usually the big payments. The big trouble comes with the little things that slowly add up. These are the hardest things to keep track off and they amount to large sum over time.

In order to save money, you don’t always have to give up those luxuries you love. It doesn’t necessarily mean stopping the weekend splurges on clothes and the car. Whatever it is you love doing, don’t cut it out of your life for the sake of money. Instead, take a deep look at your statement and see where costs could be shaved off. When you reduce each outgoing by just a little, it makes a difference. Small cuts amount to big savings.

Assess your bills

This is where you’ll make the biggest savings. Too often, we just ignore our outgoing bills. They’re boring, expensive and we don’t like to spend time thinking about them. However, they’re probably costing you more than you should. In all likelihood you were hooked in with a tasty introductory offer of low payments. After 6 months, these tend to revert back to full payments, leaving you with hefty bills. Reassess your phone bill, your gas and electricity, TV package and water bills. Then click here to see if your insurance premiums could be cheaper across the board. Sign up for new packages and shave costs of the others. You’ll save more than you think.

Take a packed lunch to work

Taking your own lunch to work doesn’t have to mean a boring cheese sandwich. You can get creative with your favourite meals. Use leftovers from a great evening dinner, or make a healthy salad or wrap. Prepare it the night before as part of a routine so there’s no stress in the morning. Too many of us buy a meal-deal lunch because it’s convenient. Only go out for lunch if the boss is paying!

Drive less

Cars consume money like no other item we possess. Fuel costs are rising fast and our wages aren’t rising to match them. It means that you’re spending more and more to fill up. Try cycling or walking to work instead. Take a second to think if you really need to use the car for a particular errand. Get out in the fresh air instead!

Going out is overrated

Instead of a big, expensive night out, organise a night in instead. Ditch the cinema for a movie night with friends. Use a coupon to order pizza and crack open a bottle of wine or crate of beer. Save a fortune on club entry prices by having a house party instead. Staying in is often much more fun than going out anyway.

Every person is different and we all spend money in different ways. Find the small things that you are wasting money on and cut them out of your life. Shave little bits of money here and there and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. You don’t have to sacrifice the things you love to save money.