July 2012 – A good month – a few sucesses and progress is being made £16,120 PAID OFF!

Jul 30

I am in a lucky position in some ways. As I mentioned in my original post, my parents are currently covering the rent that I should be paying to them. My dad is wonderful with money; he was the one that put me on to this site years ago. He has sorted my parents finances out no end but unfortunately they are steadily falling back into uncomfortable territory because of me.

So the money I owe them increases each month and unfortunately it has got to the point where I am putting them under too much pressure. Currently my plan is that the last day of each month I will transfer any of the £213 I have saved into their account. Unfortunately the £23 left over each month from my minimum spend does not go far towards the £330 I should be paying them! Dad and I set up a spreadsheet for my debt, and each month we add any new payments in or out to it. It’s a depressing read. Each month the £330 rent goes onto the ‘debt’ side of the spreadsheet and as of yet very little goes onto the ‘paid’ but I am adding ‘pay dad left over money’ to my monthly ‘must do’ list. Not sure how I’d cope without such an organised, astute dad – one day I’m going to make it up to him!

This diary malarky is hard. I want to write about everything! I feel like I need to explain various things before I talk about day to day. I rarely discuss money or my illness so I sort of feel I need to clarify bits and pieces for myself not just so the entries make sense haha! However I am determined not to turn each post into an essay so please bear with my indulgent monologues!

Thanks again for the support – I hope it becomes a more positive diary very soon!