Is your shopping bill making you want to cry?

Aug 19

If you’re anything like me you detest having to cut-back or be frugal but there’s a difference between buying what you need and want as opposed to buying for the sake of buying something. So here are seven simple steps you can take to start saving money at the supermarket.

Shop Alone –
Taking the kids to the supermarket usually means bribing them with toys or sweets in the hope that they’ll behave. It usually doesn’t work as they’ll want, want, want causing you enough stress to reach for an extra bottle of wine and cost you an extra 10- 30 depending on quality of wine you need to distress.

Don’t Accept Offers as the Best Offers –
You would expect the best offers which litter the offers section to actually be the best offers, naturally. You will find that supermarkets do this to sell-off large amounts of stock so always check that offer down the aisle you’ll be surprised to find there’s usually a cheaper option.

Shop After You’ve Eaten –
When we shop on an empty stomach our noses, brains and bellies take us on a wild trolley adventure which usually results in over-buying. If you’re planning a trip to the supermarket after a meal, you will find that only the items on the shopping list will be beeping through the checkout keeping your costs exactly what you planned.

Buy Meat on Offer –
Ever seen those offers where it feels like you’re buying more meat than a butcher? Use them. If you have a large fridge freezer like my Hotpoint FF7190EX then all you need to do is bag up the portions when you get home and freeze them. When you need the meat just put it in the microwave or fridge on the morning you need it and let it defrost through the day. You’ll save a fortune.

Plan Meals in Advance –
Planning meals in advance means that you can buy the right amount of ingredients for the week and budget for these meals accordingly. Buying random ingredients can lead to wastage and if you eat out regularly, buying enough food for the days you eat in will also help reduce costs.

Use Coupons –
Using coupons will save you a lot more than you expect. Some supermarkets offer money off fuel or money off a 30 shop, for example. Determine which supermarkets offer the lowest prices and the best coupons by using a website that provides a supermarket comparison. Remember to use your coupons wisely and try to plan the week around your shopping day and fueling the car. Like one supermarket claims, “every little helps”!

Split Payment and Get Rid of Change –
We all have those coppers and loose change that are embarrassed to hand-over to the cashier. I have been a cashier before and actually welcome the change but not only that, you may have more than you think in your wallet/purse so hand it over and it could take 3 – 5 pounds off your bill.

This article was written by Alan Gregory. He is a writer for a kitchen appliance company. When he isn’t telling people about the best Fridge Freezers and washing machines he enjoys travelling to hot places, sipping hot drinks and saving money.

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