Is Contents Insurance on your Christmas list?

Nov 05

Whatever you’ve got on your Christmas list, make sure you have contents insurance in place, even before the presents start mounting up under the tree. Or, if you already have a contents policy, check that you’re covered when the top of the range digital TV that was on your wishlist appears on Christmas day.

There’s no getting away from it, some gifts can be very expensive – and often very portable. Whether it’s the latest mobile phone, camera, jewellery or even a mountain bike, you’ll want to know your possessions are covered when you’re out and about. You also might want to know items at home are covered against any accidents. It’s in these situations that adding additional cover to your policy – such as accidental damage or bicycle cover – can be a really good idea even if it does cost more to add to your policy. So check your policy and see what you’re covered for – or if you need to add additional cover for an additional cost to your contents insurance.

But it’s even better to avoid having to make a claim in the first place. Here are our top three tips to making sure your new items stay safe, whether you’re at home or away:

Top tip 1: Keep your bag tightly closed

Don’t be a walking target. Pickpockets are much more likely to dip into your bag and steal things if it’s left open. It’s all too easy to forget to shut it when you’re rushing from shop to shop. And when you’re being jostled by crowds of people you might not even notice if someone’s trying to rob you. If your bag doesn’t close securely, remember to keep your arm securely wrapped around it in busy places.

Top tip 2: Make sure your rings, bracelets and watches can’t fall off

If you’ve been given a new watch or a piece of jewellery that you wear on your body, get it adjusted to fit you as soon as possible. Try not to have items dangling loosely around your wrist or slipping off your fingers. Or before you know it, you could see your precious new ring disappearing down a kerbside drain or an opportunistic thief trying to yank off your watch as you walk down the street.

Top tip 3: Install a safe at home

Burglars often like to make the most of the long winter nights and people being on holiday, taking the opportunity to break into homes. So for extra peace of mind, especially if you’re away over the Christmas period, it’s a good idea to install a safe at home. There are lots of companies offering a wide variety of fireproof models with a choice of security levels and locking mechanisms.

Of course, a contents insurance policy isn’t just for Christmas. You need to have one that covers all your valuables all year round. Why? Because every day, houses are broken into, glasses of wine are spilt onto sofas and carpets, TV screens are knocked off walls and antiques are dropped on stone floors.

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