Indications Depicting that You Are Not Living Within Your Defined Means

Feb 22

Several people argue that life is too difficult to live especially when they talk about financial management. The basic reason behind this is their poor management, which is why they fail to achieve their financial goals and make their life a misery. In simple words, you can say that poor financial management is the major source of moving the individuals from secure zone to insecure zone. The worst part is that despite working for the whole day, such people cannot make their life comfortable. Now the question is when one would realize that his efforts are not worthy and he is incapable of living within his defined means? In order to come to this conclusion, one may consider few indications, which are as follows:

Your Monthly Cash Inflow Cannot Satisfy You

It is fact that finding a job is a difficult task but managing a job, which cannot fulfill your basic desires, is more awful. Just calculate your monthly expenses and subtract it from your cash inflow. If the expenses are more, then it is the first indication that you are not living within your means.

Your Savings Are Negligible

Many people fail to save money because of their extravagant nature but many people do not save because their monthly cash inflow does not allow them. You will be amazed to know that majority of the people do not even save 10% of their monthly income, which is quite alarming. If you are also one of them then it means you are spending more and are not trying to live within your defined means.

Your Debt Management Capability Is Getting Worst

To take liability is another indication that you are not living within your means and need extra financial help for your efficient living. However, people do not consider it an indication because taking loans has become so common that for people, it is not some indication, instead it is a routine matter. The story does not end here, as the one, who takes loans has to pay it back. In this scenario, if you think that you are not even capable of paying it back because of your poor debt management skills then keep in mind that 80% chances are there that you are not living within your means instead of your poor management skills.

Increase in Impulse Buying

Impulse buying is basically a source, which defines that you are spending more for no good reason. However, if there is an increase in your impulse buying behavior then there is no doubt that soon you will not be able to live within your means. Thus, it is always advisable to think twice before you make any purchases.

More Use of Credit Cards

There is no doubt that credit cards are the facility for individuals, who make purchases on frequent basis but it is vital to acknowledge that the drastic increase in the use of credit cards is an alarming situation and a true indicator to depict that you are not living within your means.

Hence, it is advisable to track your spending on time in order to avoid any financial hassle in future.

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