Identity Theft: Which is the Best Tool?

Apr 27

In today’s technologically driven world, identity theft has become a prevalent and concerning crime. Protecting oneself from this threat is paramount. One way to go about this is by hiring the services of a private investigator.

Their expertise and specialized knowledge allow them to conduct comprehensive investigations to uncover the perpetrators behind such crimes. They can trace digital footprints, analyze financial transactions, and gather crucial evidence to build a strong case. Additionally, private investigators (think Bond Rees) can collaborate with law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to expedite the resolution process.

Aside from their assistance, you can also combat the problem with a robust identity theft protection program — this way individuals can breathe easy that they are shielded from this pervasive white-collar crime. That said, to find the best protection plan, you will need to look at LifeLock vs. Identity Guard, which are two of the best security programs in the market.


In its initial days, its security revolved around placing and renewing fraud alerts. As time passed by, it changed its tactics to include a command center. The control center is an upgrade from their first service.

The service led to the introduction of Lifelock Advantage and Lifelock Ultimate Plus. With these two services, it scans all court records, public databases as well as sex offender registries in search of your information.

The service is mainly aimed at putting in place measures to provide an early warning instead of preventing the actual theft. The early alert system is meant to make sure that the theft does not get out of hand before you can be able to get control over your accounts.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard has been in the industry for close to eighteen years and has worked with all the major financial services providers. Identity Guard provides its consumers with monthly credit score reports, which can help a user, detect a problem in their accounts on time.

Credit bureau monitoring is another service provided by this firm. Even though identity theft takes place beyond your monthly credit reports, experts recommend that the best way for you to detect identity theft in your accounts is by regularly monitoring the credit report.

So as to make sure that consumers get accurate information on their reports, Identity Guard works with the three credit agencies which ensure that they get access to all credit reports in the country. It also monitors payday loans activities and regularly scans the court records as well as the sex offender’s registry. All this is done through ID Analytics in a bid to find information that may be of importance to a consumer.

You should take your time before choosing a plan. Consider what each company has to offer you regarding protection and prevention before making your decision. Only then will you be sure that your information is safe from fraudsters.