How to Save on Roof Repairs

Oct 16

Prolonging the life of your residential roofs is a matter of major concern because waterproofing and drain maintenance, among other expenses, may eat up a good part of your regular household budget. Many homeowners decide to tackle the repair challenge by themselves in order to save some money. This is a good idea that you can also put into practice whether you need to correct sagged joists or waterproofing yourself all the surface; on the other hand, it is necessary to know how to do the repairs along with other factors like saving money on repairs. If you go wrong with this task, the result will be money thrown to the recycler, but it could also be a costly expense if you end up having to call an expert to perform repairs on existing roof problems that have worsened by a failed attempt.

However, the rule of thumb to save on roof repairs is inspecting your roof periodically to detect little fixes that you can easily do with no major hassle. How often is periodically? The ideal time would be at change of every season because roofs are susceptible to climate variations, particularly wooden roofs, but even those of concrete need maintenance and repairs eventually. Even though, inspecting you roof once a year would be fine for new and relative new constructions, since time and climate have not deteriorated them yet. Naturally, climbing on to check them will save you the money that a roofing contractor like First American Roofing & Siding would take to verify that everything is okay, and a quick small fix (if needed) will always be cheaper than a major repair later if the problem is left to deteriorate.

Shingled roofs are often prone to having contained leaks that do not necessarily require a plumber if you can detect the leak opportunely. The service of a plumber is not always cheap and they will add to the price their carpentry workmanship. So, why do not hammer down the part of the roof with the problem and fix it yourself. This repair seems to be complicated, but it is really straightforward once that you have detected the source of the leak, which should not be a problem at all because water leaking is easy to detect from inside the house.

With the aid of a flashlight, you can also detect trails, dark spots and signs of water damage, but there are other roofing problems that you can do yourself to save on roof repairs. Such problems include timely detection of sagging in the roof deck and outside light or rain water passing through the roof, which is a common but imperceptible problem because it often starts as a pinhole.

Problems with proper insulation or curled shingles can be repaired by Raleigh roofers easily. Also, keep an eye on roof drains, if any, because leaves coming from your surrounding trees can be responsible for clogging. Overtime, retained water will cause humidity and water filtration, which usually is perceived from inside the house, but quickly expanding to the walls. In conclusion, inspecting and fixing small roof problems routinely is the best way to save money on roof repairs.

Maintaining a “healthy” roof is a way to preserve the value of your property, but keeping yourself safe when climbing on the roof by avoiding power lines, tying yourself, and wearing rubber shoes. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends doing a roof inspection in spring and falling to save money on roof repairs because, like in medicine, timely repair detection is better than calling your roofing contractor and paying the high cost of roof repair bills.

Author Bio: Izzy Mackey works for and loves helping people save money on basic repair.