How To Save Money On Personal Hygiene

Oct 15

Personal care products are the sneaky way our wallets grow thin. Most people don’t realize just how much money they throw away on toiletries and personal hygiene. A family of four can easily spend over three hundred dollars a month on these items.  

Sometimes this just isn’t possible. So what can you do to lower you and your family’s personal care price tag each month? If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few excellent suggestions you may want to consider implementing into your household budgeting.

Don’t fear the off-brand

Some of us honestly make far too big of a deal over name brand products. You should realize, or just take the time to read the label, that the two are not so different from each other. You can save hundreds over the year just by switching to the store brand of some of your most necessary products like shaving cream, unless you’re working on a beard.

It might also be wise to look into the store brand medicines as well. The price difference in this area when comparing name brands and store brands is quite a bit more most times.  

Collect sample products whenever possible

Companies often give out sample sizes of their products to stir up buyer interest. Grab them up as often as you see them. When you stay in a hotel room, take all the little toiletries in the room home with you. This is a completely acceptable behavior according to most hotel managers.  

The same goes for medications in this arena as well. If your doctor prescribes you a new medication, ask for samples. Most pharmaceutical companies push tons of samples on doctors for marketing purposes, and they’re begging to unload them.  

Get creative with crafting

It’s actually somewhat of a fulfilling experience to craft your own cleaning products. Things like fabric softener and soap are pretty easy to make.  All you need for fabric softener is some water, some baby lotion, and some conditioner. Your clothes will come out smelling baby fresh, and be softer than any over the counter product will make them. Just make sure you get the mixture just right, or you could end up with oily fabrics.  

Buy in bulk & use your coupons

Buying in bulk will almost always save you a considerable amount of money per unit. This is an especially helpful method of shopping when you have a large family. Also, don’t be shy about using coupons. This doesn’t make you cheap. It doesn’t make you low class. Coupons are everywhere these days. Go online and print some out, or check your local Sunday paper. You’ll be surprised what a little effort will save your pocket.