How to Save Money on Car Insurance – Top Tips

Oct 01

Car insurance is something that everyone needs – if they have a car that is. It represents a significant outlay of money and so is worth seeking out carefully, in order to save money where you can. There are a number of ways to save money on your car insurance if you are keen to do so (and why wouldn’t you be?), so read on and save yourself some serious cash!

Do you need a car?

This may seem like a daft question, but before you renew your car insurance, think about whether you really need your vehicle. If you have to drive 20 miles into the countryside to get to work then that’s fair enough, but if you get the train or the bus to work and your car spends most of the time sitting at home, then do you really need it? If it’s not essential and you are trying to save some money, why not sell your vehicle and try and survive with public transport? This will save you your entire car insurance premium and also car tax, petrol, maintenance costs, and MOT.

Where do you park it?

The location where you regularly park your vehicle can have a significant impact on the cost of your insurance. Insurance companies take into account the risk associated with the area in which your car is parked. If you park your car in a high-crime area, such as a neighborhood with a high rate of theft or vandalism, your insurance premium is likely to be higher. On the other hand, if you park your car in a secure garage with properly fitted Custom Garage Doors made by Bulldog Garage Doors or in a neighborhood with low crime rates, you may be eligible for a lower insurance premium. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider where you park your car to potentially reduce your insurance costs.

Compare insurance providers

If you are certain that you need your car then the first thing you should do is compare car insurance providers. There are various websites like Truly Insurance Online on which you can do this today and this should give you an idea of what you will have to pay to insure your motor. This could also help you find the best deal going, but sometimes it is worth speaking to providers direct too. Reaching out to motor trade insurers like should not be too much hassle.

Speak to providers direct

Not all car insurance providers are listed on comparison websites, so it may be worth going to the sites of well-known companies to see what they have to offer. For instance, if you click here for a quote from you might find better deals than on a comparison site, so look far and wide.

Talk to friends

The internet is a wonderful tool, but your friends can be tools too. Hang on, that didn’t sound right. Friends will no doubt have car insurance themselves so speak to them about their premiums and find out whether their deals are better than what you can find. Then you can speak to their providers and try and get them to match what your mates have.

Search for discounts

Competition is rife in the world of car insurance so many companies will offer discounts to try and get you on board. These are well worth looking out for as they could save you hundreds of pounds, and you often get a discount for renewing your car insurance online.

Pay an annual premium at once

Paying your annual insurance premiums all at once may seem like a large outlay of money, but the truth is that this will save you a considerable amount of cash over the year when compared to paying monthly premiums. So, if you can afford to do it, pay a year in advance and you will save.