How to Save Money on a Top Quality Printer

Aug 24

You might not think that a printer can be “top quality” or even “good quality” it’s just ‘a printer’, but in certain professions, they can play a key role in sealing the deal or missing out. In others, you can get yourself an ‘A’ grade or a ‘C’ depending on how it is presented. It is important to shop around and see what is available, whether you get one from an office printers Spokane supplier or from a local store, you need to find the best fit for your needs.

But, like most other forms of technology, top quality models don’t come cheap and for many people the budget is the main factor in the decision making process. Whether you’re a large office looking at printing an average of 200 pages each day or a student printing off an essay a week, you don’t necessarily want to be paying large amounts for the privilege, so what do you do? Wait a few months for the price to drop? Look elsewhere? Here are a few tips for getting a top quality laser printer without the top quality price.

Multiple-purchase deals

Obviously this point only works for businesses, but by working on a deal with the store or manufacturer, you could save money on your office printer by purchasing multiple devices in one go or promising to buy more from them. It is the same with regard to ink cartridges; you may be able to find a good deal when purchasing wholesale packs of cartridges (such as the TN-243 cartridge pack) from a reputed seller.

Online discounts

A lot of online retailers offer discounts at the checkout courtesy of promotional codes. Numerous online discount firms are around now, offering deals such as free delivery or 10% off, giving customers specific codes which are entered at the checkout area of the online store, giving them access to offers which they can’t get in stores.

Second hand

Now this one is perfect for students and home users. A lot of the time other students who are finishing their courses will put things they no longer need up for sale at good prices, allowing new or returning students to take advantage of the “quick sale” offers, kitting you out for the year ahead without paying over the odds for a brand new model. The same can be said of people moving house. Sometimes they just can’t be bothered to pack certain things and put them up for sale or take them to a car boot sale where you can pick up a bargain.