How to Save Money on a Hen Party and still give the Bride-to-Be a Sensational Send Off

Jan 10

If you’re the one organising the hen party, chances are you’ve been asked because a) the bride’s your sister and you have a biological obligation to give her a stellar send-off, or b) she’s one of your best mates, and she has so much dirt on you you’d be a fool not to give her the night she deserves.

The responsibility has fallen on your shoulders. It’s a massive one, and one that requires a little imagination, a lot of organization, a supreme knowledge of the bride-to-be, and a small dash of naughtiness. You can also search for bachelorette ideas that could help incorporate all these thoughts perfectly.

Besides these qualities, a successful hen party organiser also needs to be able to keep the costs of the hen party as low as possible, not least because the more you save on the preparation, the more you can spend later on alcohol! By implementing cost-saving strategies, such as choosing a friend’s home as the venue, and utilizing DIY decorations, the organiser can allocate more budget towards the lively consumption of alcohol shots that can be prepared at home (such as these white gummy bear shots) saving a ton of money. Cutting costs on the party essentials allows for greater indulgence in celebratory drinks, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable night for the bride-to-be and her friends. I’ve been Chief Bridesmaid three times previously (albeit once for my own mother, which was a little strange) and so consider myself a little bit of a dab-hand at cutting the costs of the special night without sacrificing the fun.

The Outfits

There are lots of hen parties that start with a theme, such as slutty nuns, naughty nurses, or slutty knights (you can check this article here to see more such party ideas). Although the costumes look pretty awesome, they can be very costly for every member of the party, and everyone ends up spending at least 30, which, coupled with alcohol, entry fees, transport, extra activities, more alcohol, soon adds up. For my best friend Mel’s hen party, I investigated ordering custom made t-shirts online. The great thing about this is that you can have whatever logo you want on them, so can make it really personal to the bride and her hens. I got the whole party’s t-shirts from Quality Logo Products at an incredible price. I contacted the company because I wanted to double check I was getting exactly what I wanted, and they were very helpful and efficient. The quality of the t-shirts was excellent, and the hens all loved having something cheap but fun, and united us in our fun and games.

The Accessories

There are tonnes of ideas out there, ranging from willy-boppers to feather boas! Because I was ordering the t-shirts from Quality Logo Products anyway, I had a look at what else was on their promo website and found custom-made stickers, and it’s ridiculous how cheap they are! Again, you and the hens can have loads of fun creating these in advance, and it’s a great way of incorporating a little bit of naughtiness into the evening. We used them as part of a hilarious drinking game. We ordered loads of stickers with the same logo we used for the t-shirts, and dared each other to try stick them on random men in each bar without getting caught. If you fail and get caught, besides facing the embarrassment, you have to down your drink; if you succeed in your mission, the rest of the hens (or just the bride if you really want to pick on her) drink.