How to Maximise Your Youtube Video Success

Jul 11

The Importance of YouTube

YouTube represents one of the largest growth areas in visual media. Within the USA alone online video viewing increased 35% year on year whereas traditional television viewing grew by only a comparatively tiny 0.2%. Mobile viewing of YouTube videos also increased significantly; a trend that is likely to continue as consumers increasingly have access to powerful portable devices accompanied by speedy mobile internet connections. YouTube is a very competitive environment however so in order to maximize the success of your videos the following advice should be adhered to.

Give Your Audience What They Want

Nothing is worse than a company misusing social media in a way which alienates consumers from the brand. Countless cautionary tales exist of companies awkwardly attempting to create a viral video that fails to meet audience needs in any way whatsoever. Any video content created and uploaded to YouTube should add value for your customers. Examples of this can include Q&As, product demonstrations and information relating to future offerings.

Help People Find Your Video

A quick search of YouTube will reveal countless videos that have been produced by some companies, in many cases at considerable expense, and viewed by very few people. This is obviously a waste of resources and entirely counterproductive. In order to spread the word about your YouTube videos it is vital to ensure they contain the correct metadata to maximize their positions in search engine results. This is primarily achieved through giving the video an SEO friendly title, using relevant tags and a keyword rich description.

Moving beyond the numbers there is the physiological edge that already having a large number of views can bring. If you produce a video that you might consider ‘filler’ rather than your best work – you might consider the option to buy youtube views from companies like or Sprizzy. You can find several companies on the market that provide such growth services. You need to remember, however, that not all services deliver the results that they promise. Prior to hiring any company, it is always a good idea to take the time to study their track record, read reviews about their services (for example, EarthWeb published this review about sprizzy), and see if they have satisfied customers.

Linking YouTube To Other Social Media

The modern world of the internet is integrated socially in an unprecedented way. No social media platform exists in isolation. It is therefore vital that your YouTube videos are tied to your other social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. This will gain your content clout in social media ranking sites, thus increasing exposure. You can share snippets of your YouTube content on Instagram and TikTok to entice people to check out full videos. Additionally, you can also employ other resources (through websites similar to for social media views, likes, and comments, to produce more traffic on your YouTube videos.

Besides that, you can also consider moving to video platforms other than YouTube (while still maintaining the account, of course). Upload your videos onto distribution platforms like Newsflare ( where the right organizations may find you and buy licensing rights to your video(s), enabling them to publish it to a larger audience thereby increasing your reach further.
Utilize YouTube’s Features

Many companies only scratch the surface of what YouTube is capable of. In order to stand out from the competition it is advisable to gain a strong understanding of power-features such as channels, bulletins, ads and insights. These are all features offered within the YouTube interface that allows you to better understand your content and extend its reach to greater numbers of viewers.

The Bottom Line

Video is one of the internet’s most powerful frontiers and one which is only going to grow in years to come. By thoroughly understanding how to provide your customers with valued content they are able to find you will maximize your YouTube success and have a significant advantage over your competition.