How to make your home elegant on a budget

Mar 08

Decorating your home can often seem like a laborious task, but it is one that should be embraced with open arms. Taking pride in your home, and ensuring it is always looking its best can be difficult, especially if you have a tight budget to start with. However, even on a budget, there are ways that you can get a high end look for your home relatively cheap

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, everyone has become their own interior designer. These platforms offer endless inspiration at your fingertips, whether you’re looking to add a few more scatter cushions or considering a plush new sofa. You might even find yourself pondering – “where to buy Christian Lacroix Cushions?” to add that touch of luxury to your living room.

The beauty of these social media platforms is their power to transform your space. Want to turn your home into a New York-style apartment? Or perhaps you’re looking to inject some color through beautiful artwork? From grand visions to small details like those designer cushions, these sites have you covered. Here, you’ll discover top hacks to make your home more striking and elegant, all without breaking the bank.

Colour is key

Choosing a colour is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will have to make when it comes to the design of your home. Some colour schemes will work better than others, particularly if you wish to add a little extra magic to your humble abode. However, if elegance is what you are after then there are certainly some colours you should steer away from and ones that you should embrace with open arms.

You have a decision to make. Are you going to oft for a strong colour that makes a huge impact, or go for something a little softer creating a more natural, understated hue? Both options simply depend on your existing colour scheme and what kind of personality and mood you want to create throughout your home. If you take a look at some of the properties listed on RW Invest, you’ll see that they lean towards more neutral colours to appeal to a wider audience. Their listing “Bridgewater Wharf” in Manchester for example features white, grey black and then some green throughout the apartment. These colours aren’t too drastic and don’t put any potential investors off. This is worth considering if you want a more eclectic look in your home.

Plush Furnishings

Aesthetics aside, plush furnishings are designed to give each room a welcoming feel right away. Adding different textures throughout your home can really boost the elegance factor, as well as adding extra comfort to each room. Cushions are a welcomed addition to scatter over beds and sofas are perfectly suited if you wish to create a room that boasts masses of comfort without having to compromise on style and design.

Creating an elegant room through the use of cushions, throws and blankets is a small, inexpensive way of updating your home décor without having to fork out your hard-earned money on performing a complete décor overhaul. One thing that works well with adding extra pieces throughout your home is that you can change your colour scheme easily. For example, you may wish to change your interiors from fresh neutral colours in the summer to deep dramatic colours in the winter.
The Temperature

Your household heating and cooling systems have a great influence on how elegant it feels being in there. Choose the right HVAC for round-the-clock comfort. In case your air conditioning is faulty, call experts like Barnett Electrical – AC replacement in Oklahoma City or where it is more local to you. Nobody likes getting into a damp-smelling house, so keep the airflow fresh by maintaining your HVAC.


Placing artworks on the walls can really help you put your stamp on your home. Family photos or DIY art can be a cheaper alternative while making a house feel like a home. Remember elegance often comes in a minimalist design, therefore make sure the art you select is tasteful and not strewn across every available space. One of the beauties about elegance is that it can be as simplistic yet sophistication as you like.