How to get onto the property ladder…

Jul 06

Purchasing a house in today’s markets often requires years of careful planning and saving which can pose quite a challenge for first time buyers. Taking this into consideration, follow these simple eight top tips to help you plan your next move as you set out on the housing ladder.

Establish a feasible time frame – Firstly, you have to be realistic and set a reasonable date by which you hope to have accomplished your saving goals.

Set your saving goals – In order to purchase a house you will have to do your research first. Find out how much you will require for a down payment and set some saving goals which will enable you to put a side this fee.

Pay off any debts – Before you do this your money is not free and therefore cannot reasonably be put into a savings account. Doing this promptly will mean that you will pay less interest and be able to begin saving immediately.

Budget – Maintaining a budget is a vital tool in achieving your saving goals. Set a respectable budget taking into account your monthly income and outgoings and stick to it.

Keep tight records – It is vital that you keep a close eye on your finances. Make a comprehensive list of what you spend each month and retain all financial documentation.

Destroy your credit cards – When possible always pay with cash. It’s easy to pay using a plastic card but it’s also very easy to overspend.

Set up a savings account – Keeping your savings separate from your spendable money makes it a lot easier to assess your financial situation. Do your research to get the best interest rates!

Stay positive – Saving for a house can seem rather daunting so it is important to stay positive and don’t give up when your goals appear unattainable. Keep saving and eventually your efforts will be repaid!

As you can see saving to buy a house can be a long and drawn out process but it will all be worth it in the end. To save further why not buy real estate online on a free classifieds website and take advantage of possibility to buy and sell goods at reasonable prices online, this will allow you to save money and will take you just that step closer to owning your dream home.