How to Evict Housing Benefit Tenants Who Don’t Pay the Rent

May 08

Landlords are often asked to accept tenants that are claiming benefits, and in the past this was considered a secure method of payment. Unfortunately, it is no longer mandatory for the councils involved to pay landlords direct. This has resulted in many tenants falling behind with the rent, which causes issues for the landlord.

As your tenants begin to fall into arrears with their rent, and you have been more than generous with allowing them time, you may find that you have no alternative but to evict the tenants. This can be a stressful time when you need to seek advice and guidance regarding the law. There are many different laws that are designed to protect tenants, even when they fail to pay the rent on time.

If you are a landlord who is experiencing issues with tenants, you need to seek professional help and advice. There are many resources available including evictions-southwest, click here to go to their website. This dedicated team will ensure that you can evict the tenants and get your property back in the shortest possible time.

After evicting your tenants, it is essential to be mindful when selecting a tenant to rent your property in the future. You may also need to collaborate with one of the Los Angeles Property Managers (or wherever you live) to help you screen potential tenants and ensure you are not in a similar predicament. Furthermore, you should familiarize yourself with the law regarding renting property to tenants to avoid any legal issues in the future.

The current law states that as a landlord, you are entitled to receive all of the rent that is owed to you by your tenants on time every month. When they fail to fulfil this contract, you are entitled to evict them, regardless of the circumstances. Thankfully there are specialist companies that will assist with every stage of the eviction.

Regardless of how you feel about the tenants, and how much money they owe you, you need to remain calm and process the eviction in the correct way. There are laws that you must abide by, and although this can be frustrating, they are in place to protect both parties. If you are unsure of these, you need to check out

Acting quickly is often the key, and you need to ensure that you follow the correct procedure to gain control of your property. Evicting tenants can be costly, which is another reason for ensuring that the process is quick. Using the services of an eviction company will ensure that you get your property back in a cost-effective manner.

As soon as your tenants begin to fall behind with the rent payments you must act, and a section 8 notice must be served. Alongside this, a 14 day notice due to rent arrears, a 2 month notice to seek possession and a section 21 notice must all be served. These will in effect start the repossession and eviction procedure.

Choosing a company that has a 100 per cent success rate is essential, and will guarantee that all of the stress is removed. Complex attention to detail allows the company to understand the current laws and regulations. This can help with small loopholes ensuring that there are no issues or problems when attempting to evict.

Once back to normalcy, you could resume renting out your property, perhaps with the help of a property management company that can guarantee rent london (or elsewhere) and manage it efficiently. This could be a more viable option because they tend to be strict with the rules and guidelines put forward while renting out rooms, or spaces. Thus, the risk of losing out on rent would be reduced, and in most cases ruled out completely.

Evicting tenants for non payment of rent is never a pleasant thing to do, however, you should never feel obligated to provide a free home for someone else to enjoy. Once the tenants have broken their rental agreement, and trust between you all has been removed, there is no other option. You need to remain strong and focused, ensuring that you come through the experience with an increased awareness.