How Taking Your Accounts Online Will Save You Time and Money

Feb 20

More and more businesses are going online with their accounts. The advent of cloud software has started to revolutionise how everyone does business. Accounts no longer belong in the realm of an accountant’s office. Nowadays they are accessible from anywhere as long as you’ve got your smartphone, laptop or tablet handy. Many people are still clinging to the old ways, which is understandable. People don’t like change, especially when it involves something that’s been working so far. The thing is switching will not only save you time, but it’ll also save you money. To top that off, it’s a cinch to make the change. Accountants are finding ways they can serve their clients effectively, which means they may start using online accounting software to broaden their reach. Whether a business is using an Accounting NY firm or a local firm, they want to be assured that they are getting top-quality results making it easier for them to run their business.

The biggest timesaver is that it cuts down on visits to your accountants. As everything is done through software, you can update everything yourself whenever you want. This means you can also plan your own day accordingly. No longer do you have to take out time from your own business hours so you can be seen during your accountants. Simply get your laptop out, fire up your software and get to work. This was also help you save money on travel costs.

Online accountants usually have a much quicker response time to customer requests as well. Whereas a traditional accountant may take a couple of weeks to get back with an answer, online firms usually have trained customer service staff on hand to give you an answer as quickly as possible meaning you aren’t left hanging around.

You’ll also find that the general costs are a lot cheaper. Online firms often offer a flat fee for everything with maybe extra costs for a few extras here and there. These costs are very low in comparison to traditional accountants who, in many cases, charge per service rather than offering all-out accounting. Online accountants also offer you peace of mind as you know that your flat monthly fee will keep you sorted for everything and nothing will be left by the wayside.

Some firms also offer mobile accounting apps that will allow you to instantly upload receipts to your accounts. The app will fill everything out for you meaning you won’t have to keep a huge pile of receipts hanging around your office or house. The ability to update your accounts on the go will save you a load of time. You can add your most recent meal to your expenses in the time it takes to walk from the restaurant to your car.

Online accounting certainly seems to be taking over the old way of doing things. People like to have more control over their finances and that’s exactly what online accounting software does. It mixes together expertise, ease and cost effectiveness. Perfect for the freelancer to the large corporation.

Joshua Danton Boyd is a copywriter for the online accountancy firm Crunch.