Healthy People Enjoy Better Life Insurance Policies

May 14

Healthy People Enjoy Better Life Insurance Policies

One of the first expenses to be forfeited in a failing economy for many individuals and families is term life insurance. However, this may be one of the most beneficial insurance options available. While life insurance premiums are based on the risk that it will take to insure someone’s life, it is necessary for individuals who are interested in purchasing life insurance to maintain healthy lifestyles in order to receive the best rate on their policy. There are several factors that contribute to better life insurance policies. Below are some of the factors insurance companies take into consideration when drafting a new life insurance policy. Prospective purchasers should keep these factors close in mind perusing life insurance quotes.


If you are overweight, it can be difficult to get a life insurance policy. Because the obesity rate continues to increase in addition to deaths related to heart disease, those who have a risk for heart disease or early death by heart attack may not be approved for a low premium. Ideally, this means that your weight is a match for height with a body mass index or BMI of approximately 24 or less. While it’s not a deal breaker to be overweight, if your BMI is too high, it may increase your premium.

Health History

If you have been to the hospital or doctor for serious illnesses in the past or frequently get into some nearly fatal accidents because of your work or lifestyle, it will be less likely that your premium will be a lower amount. There shouldn’t be any serious or chronic illnesses on your health history report.

Family History

How healthy is your immediate family, namely your parents and grandparents? If they have a history of cancer, cardiovascular disease or other type of serious illness before the age of 60, it’s likely that you will not get approved for a preferred rate, which are lower rates that you want with life insurance.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

If there is even a chance that you are known for being a high risk taking hang-gliding, mountain climbing, motor racing, off-shore drilling, mining, or rock climbing, you will most likely have a higher term life insurance policy rate regardless of how fit you are. In some cases, if it is clear that you are in a field with many deaths or deadly injuries, you may not be eligible for coverage.

Healthy Heart

Heart disease, cholesterol and blood pressure are other heart-related issues can impact your life insurance policy. LDL cholesterol has to be about 220 or less with a ratio healthy LDL to HDL ratio, about 5.0 or under. Average blood pressure should be 140 over 85 or under as well. If there is any history of heart disease or symptoms of coronary problems, you may need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to receive coverage.

Lastly, you need to be a safe person that life insurance companies want to invest in. If you have a bad driving record, smoked habitually, or participate in risky recreation, you may not be the best candidate for life insurance. Those who are safe drivers and maintain their health will have the best chance for a preferred lower life insurance rate.

Phillip Patton is a freelance writer who focuses on insurance, finance, business, health, nutritional science, and other assorted topics.