Hair styling on a budget

Jun 11

Who doesn’t want fabulous hair? Everybody wishes their crowning glory to always look good, but actually achieving film star looks on a budget is a challenge. A glossy head of hair that shines with health is perfectly set off by a well executed cut or flattering colour design – but getting the best stylists to work on your Barnet at cheap rates isn’t going to happen.

On the other hand, maybe it is….

There are ways of reducing the costs of getting a brilliant haircut – all you need to do is ask the right questions of the right people. Many high-end hairdressers such as Toni & Guy Liverpool recruit and train up promising apprentices to work in their salons. On your next visit to a salon, why not ask to have a trainee stylist deal with your requirements? During training, apprentices need models to try out new techniques they are being taught. Fully supervised by an experienced senior stylist at all times, getting your hair re-styled, cut or coloured by an apprentice can give you high end results at low prices. It really isn’t in a salon’s interest for you to leave unhappy with a style, so if in the rare event that an inexperienced stylist makes a mistake, there will be senior staff on hand to correct any problems. Student hair stylists especially need experience on some of the more unusual techniques and treatments, so if you have an ambitious haircut or colouring idea, it could be the perfect meeting of minds – at half the price!

Another way of saving cash on hairstyling costs is by offering to model for a stylist’s portfolio. This involves having your hair styled and then posing for a photographer for headshots. Many hairdressers take part in competitions and often devise experimental styles that would make anybody stand out in a crowd. By offering your services as a model in a competition, you could get a unique and possibly groundbreaking haircut free.


Looking after your shimmering locks with the best professional hair products will also limit costly visits to the salon. By nourishing your hair with quality products you ensure that the condition of your hair is protected – high-quality hair products make a smart investment as they keep your hair looking sleeker for longer, thus stretching out the time between salon visits.

With the rise in popularity of natural and organic products, many haircare brands now offer vegan and cruelty-free options. Using vegan shampoos and conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals can be gentler on your hair and scalp. Look for products made with plant-based ingredients that can provide moisture and nourishment without weighing your hair down. With some research, you can find brands like Handmade Naturals (check out their website and discover their products) that give you a range of options to choose from. Taking the time to pamper your hair with natural formulas will help you achieve your healthiest and shiniest locks.

Also remember that beauty comes from within and lifestyle choices can affect the appearance of your hair. Poor diet results in dull, lifeless hair that is prone to breakage and even falling out. For a head of full, healthy-looking tresses it is essential to eat a balanced diet rich in protein (eggs, chicken, fish, dairy products), iron (leafy green vegetables), Vitamins C, E and A, Omega 3, Zinc and Selenium for scalp health and Biotin, a B vitamin.

Of all these vitamins, biotin remains the most important, as it tends to have all the vital elements responsible for boosting hair health. Food products rich in biotin include almonds, avocados, wheat bran, and eggs, to name a few. However, to get the required amount of biotin, one may need to consume a lot of these as a single serving might be enough to provide the required amount of this vitamin. The good news, nevertheless, is that there tend to be biotin supplements available similar to Sports Research Biotin (, for example, made from such healthy ingredients to help with this problem.


Taking on board adequate amounts of these nutrients will make your hair shine with health, making those trips to the salon more about enhancing your crowning glory, not launching an expensive rescue effort.

Hair styling on a budget is possible when approached in the right way. Get into a dialogue with the smart salon in your local area and soon you’ll be talking about opportunities for cheaper cuts with junior stylists and modelling roles… So what are you waiting for?