Great Reasons to Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

Feb 27

How many unused mobile phones do you have at home? Two? Three? Four? Just recently I found two mobile phones in my house. No one has used them in at least the last six months, so why do I keep them?

Good question.

Thanks to the internet I learned that there are companies buying old mobile phones and that gave me an idea – why not sell phones?

What will you get in return? Let me count the reasons!

  • Extra cash for groceries or other things. Prices of grocery items go up almost every month, but your budget seems … stagnant! Or you want to serve something special for dinner, but you don’t have the money to buy the ingredients. Well, it’s time to wise up! If you don’t want the stress of trying to stretch your grocery money, then sell your old mobile phone. Selling them will give you a few pounds to buy whatever you want. No one is going to complain. Why? Because no one is using them! Sell your old phones and earn some cash.
  • Lesser items to clean. Once you become a mother, the cleaning never stops! How many minutes or hours do you clean your home? And, why clean or dust unused phones when you just keep them inside drawers to gather more dusts? It doesn’t make sense. Fewer items to clean would mean more time for other things; more bonding time with your family or just some added ‘me time’.


  • More space. Have you ever said the words “I need space”? Well, you can have it. Literally – more drawer space! And, why is that? Look closely. You have four drawers, but it is jam-packed with old phones AND their chargers. If your home has limited space, the best way really is to get rid of old stuff; phones included.
  • Additional cash to buy the latest phone model. Do you plan to get a new phone? Let’s face it; some features of phones today will make life easier. You can do things faster too. But buying brand new phones is expensive and since there is a a wide selection of mobile phones for you to choose from, it gets even more confusing. One way to lighten the burden is to sell your old phone before you get a new one. You can add the money you received from selling the old phone to buy the new phone. No need to add another phone in the drawer, right?


Accumulating material things year in year out AND not getting rid of anything may only mean one thing – you are hoarding! Some mothers are guilty of this problem. When it comes to buying stuff, apply this simple technique: When a new item enters your home, an old one must leave! This trick applies to anything – bags, clothes, appliances, kitchen wares and even mobile phones! If you can’t sell them, donate them. When it comes to mobile phones, remember there are companies today willing to buy them. Getting a new phone isn’t really bad; just get rid properly of the old phone first. Selling them is far better than letting them stay inside the drawer for years.

And, before you get rid of the phone, make sure you delete important information from the phone memory. You don’t really want the world to know your personal information, right?! Being cautious won’t hurt anybody!