How to Have a Great Night in with Friends!

Dec 09

In our cash-bedraggled times, Friday and Saturday nights have become rather boring affairs compared to their mid-noughties counterparts. Many might bolt at the idea of going out to an expensive restaurant or night out in town, but just because those purse strings are firmly tightened doesn’t mean that you social life has to suffer; there’s plenty of ways to have a hilarious and fun night with friends at home, so to help, we cobbled together some tips on how to get the most out of your night-in!


Preparing a delicious meal for you and your mates doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour, and there are plenty of excellent dishes you can rustle up. Try making a spicy parsnip soup served with crusty bread for a starter; for mains spaghetti carbonara is a rich, surprisingly inexpensive option; and for desert serve up some decidedly delicious molten chocolate cakes. As well as having a great night, you’ll be able to show off your cooking prowess!

meal with friends



Sharing a few cheap bottles of wine and playing a few fun games is great way to while away an evening. Board games such as Pictionary, Articulate and Monopoly are all firm, raucous favourites of many, but even gadget-based games such as interactive online game Casino Saga can be great fun if everyone gets invested in the action, this particular site offering fun fantasy games with a delightfully devilish casino edge! After you’re done, remember to evenly divide your winnings, though!




Drinking has to be one of the earliest social hobbies enjoyed by man; there’s something about having a fair few beers, a couple of glasses of wine, or- for perhaps the younger among us- a series of paint-stripping shots that really gets the party going! If you want to avoid the slurred slump into depravity whilst still enjoying a few fermented fancies, think about having each friend bring a different bottle of wine and cheese- far classier than working through a large bottle of Russia’s finest.

Be a Kid Again!

Remember sleepovers and slumber parties when all that was needed to get the excitement up was a few packets of sweets, some super cute onesies that are perfect for twinning and your imagination? Well re-living your youth, playing games around the house, can be a great way to pass time with close friends! More ridiculous if facilitated by tip number three, games such as sardines (one person goes to hide and is joined in their hiding place by people who discover them- last one still searching wins!) or hide and seek are indeed somewhat childish games, but who cares; they’re really fun!