Get All of Your Gadgets Covered

Oct 17

When people think about insuring gadgets, they normally mean their mobile phones, their laptops, their iPads or their home consoles. Of course, it makes a lot of sense to insure all of those items, but people so often overlook their cameras. Maybe it’s because people don’t use them quite as often as they use their other gadgets, or maybe it’s because people think that they are less of a target for thieves. The one thing we do know is that people should insure their cameras – they are more prone to damage than most other devices!

Keep a Hold of that Camera!

The problem with cameras is that they often get dropped. Sure, most of them come with a handy strap that attaches to the camera – a supposed fool proof way of protecting the camera when in use, but the reality is that no one uses it! It hangs down by the side of the camera and it’s the last thing the owner looks at as it drops out of reach on the top of a mountain!

Camera Reliability

On top of the huge likelihood that at some point, you will probably drop your camera, it is also important to understand that they are not fool proof products. Digital cameras can and will break. Some people who have had SLR cameras for years think that their digital counterparts are going to have similar life spans, but unfortunately, this is not the case. The old, high quality SLR’s of yesteryear were pretty much bullet proof, especially since they were nearly always made from extremely strong metal that could be almost thrown across the room! Digital Cameras are delicate products that need to be looked after – and even then they are not infallible.

Get Insured

With all of this in mind, it seems fairly obvious that insurance is a no brainer. Look for Protect Your Bubble gadget insurance and you can expect to find insurance for digital cameras starting at the amazingly low price of £2.19 per month! This is such a small amount to pay to know that you can be relatively care free with your camera, and take the shots you want to take without fear of dropping or damaging your camera.

Look Out For Thieves!

Of course, you can take care of your camera, and even keep the wrist strap on at all times, but there are always other potential problems. Water damage is a distinct possibility with some digital cameras, and of course you always have to be wary of theft. Have you ever volunteered your camera to someone for them to snap a pic of you and your companion in front of a landmark? Never a good idea! It’s so easy for someone to run off with a piece of kit which is virtually untraceable unless you happen to be shooting with something that cost the world. As this link illustrates, even keeping your camera around your neck can result in theft! It’s quite simple – make sure you are always insured!