Four Great Time and Money Saving Ideas

Nov 06

Time is money. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything that we want to get done. I am a business owner and I know just how precious every single hour is when it comes to growing my business. I have compiled five great gadgets and companies that we use to save time, and money!

1.     Toggl.

The first step in reeling back some of those lost hours is to work out just what it is that you and your team are spending your time doing.

Togl is the best time management software that I have found. I am using Togl as I write this. When I started writing this blog post, I selected the Togl widget on my desktop. I then selected ‘Blogging’ and pressed ‘Start’.  When I finish the article, I will press ‘Stop’. It is as simple as that. At the end of the day, when everyone goes home, I will have a full breakdown of how everyone in the team has spent their time.

If I then see that any one task is having too much time dedicated to it, I will call a meeting and let this be known.

Togl has already made my business run much more efficiently and saves me money every day.

2.     Exec Runs.

Exec Runs is a brilliant business that provides personal assistants by the hour and on the cheap.

If you run a design agency, like myself, and do not have any full time admin staff, then why delegate admin work to your designers, who are on £40 per hour, when you could pay someone half that amount and get them to the job quickly and efficiently.

If you have an odd job, a bit of admin work or, as it happens pretty much anything non-specialist that needs doing, then Exec Runs will get someone to your office with an hour, to be booked by the hour.

A fast, simple, efficient and affordable PA London Company.

3.     Salesforce.

If your business is not using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system then you need to start, now. Salesforce is a cloud database and customer relationship management system that will revolutionise your sales and account management operations.

It will also allow you to see exactly what your sales team are up to at any one time, making your end of week de-briefing sessions much more specific and allowing you to detect which employees are making you money and which are losing you money.

4.     Google Apps.

Google Apps is a fast and efficient way to store all of your data, documents and emails on a cloud based system. It is easy to use, easy to access, easy to monitor, cheap as chips and will make all of your important documents completely secure.