Find yourself overstretched at Christmas? Start prepping now!

Sep 21

It’s easy to find yourself in a hole at Christmas and we are not talking about the one you find yourself in after drinking too much. No we are talking about financial black holes, that many people end up stuck in over the festive period and that can keep you stuck with repayments well into the New Year. But don’t fear if this is you, we can help you from facing these issues with a few simple steps from online money saving and voucher code website My Voucher Codes, who have prepared their Christmas financial guide.

You can read more about it here, however here are our top tips:

  • Start saving, now the expensive summer holidays are over, start adding increasing amounts to a savings plan each week
  • Set a budget for gifts, decorations, food and drink and stick to it
  • Buy non-perishable goods now
  • Look to buy Christmas food now that can be frozen
  • Take advantage of Black Friday and early sales
  • Look out for BOGOF offers in the run up, on foods you know you’ll eat
  • Look to make your own cards and wrap, even your own gifts
  • Step away from the credit card
  • Post-Christmas buy decorations and gifts for the following year
  • Post-Christmas start saving in January for more time

If you have some of your own tips add them in the comments below!