Financial Assistance for Welfare Recipients

Apr 12

Many families that receive welfare benefits are much more money savvy than many people think. When living on a low income, it is extremely important to know how to get the most out of the limited amount of funds one has.

Low income earners are extremely efficient at budgeting and knowing how to create the most savings for the things they need. When it comes to monthly living expenses or small daily purchases, they know when and how to purchase at the lowest price.

One area that may become a little bit more challenging is where to go for emergency funds or unexpected circumstances that require cash. Finding quick funds beyond the payday loan operators can be difficult as there are limited options available.

When people have their back against the walls and are in desperate need of cash, they tend to accept the first offer, even if it’s not right for them. This is something that borrowers must side step and avoid, even if the temptation is great.

Below are some practical and useful ways to access funds without borrowing from an unfavourable lender.

Non-profits: Most communities have great organisations that serve to help welfare and low income recipients. They generally have special programs that are geared in helping individuals and families with important living purchases such as; appliances, vehicle repairs, medical bills, etc..

Government initiatives: Similar to the non-profits and sometimes in conjunction with non-profits, government departments provide similar services, providing microloans for the purchase of important household goods. For example, a free phone service from phone service initiatives like enTouch Wireless could prove beneficial!

Sell it: In certain instances selling un-used or unwanted items can produce a small cash injection. Through online auction sites, pawn shops, garage sales or any other sales channel, selling items for cash is a fairly easy and quick process these days.

Earn it: There are a few things that can be done here. If you have a job, ask for additional hours or perhaps ask for a promotion or pay raise. Setting a meeting with your boss and letting them know you would like to earn more and are willing to take on more or new responsibility can go a long way.

If you are currently unemployed, try doing odd jobs to pick up cash; mowing lawns, washing cars, cleaning gutters, these jobs are cash in hand and don’t require and specialised training. In addition, depending on you experience, finding contract work online is fairly easy these days with all of the advances in technology – Elance is a great online service which promotes online contracting.

Research online: Go online and do some research for unique job opportunities or specialty blogs that have great ideas on how to obtain cash. There are heaps of blogs and articles online that provide great insight and tips on how to earn or get loans.


This article was brought to you by Simple Living Australia a personal finance blog which helps people with debt, savings, investing and other topics concerning finances. To read more about welfare funding options within Australia read loan options for people on Centrelink.