Financial Advice can be very Entertaining

Feb 08

Companies selling financial products need to adapt their tactics to appeal to today’s market. Yes, we’re all feeling down because of the current state of the UK economy, but does that mean fiscal news and advice has to always be so serious? A bit of humour wouldn’t go astray and we could all do with some comic relief at times. has jumped on this idea and teamed up with comedy legend Robert Webb to produce a series of ads that make saving money highly entertaining. While the delivery is comical, the actual advice is smart and despite its advertising intention, it’s clear that life insurance is a necessity to protect your family financially if a sudden accident or emergency occurred.

In the latest installment, shown here exclusively, Robert Webb’s character, Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom is keen to show viewers just how simple it is to choose life insurance cover with through a very theatrical demonstration.

Most of us know Webb from the BBC’s award-winning sitcom, Peep Show, and in his new role as Compare the Market’s CEO and founder, he continues to bring his very British style of comedy to the part.

The reference to biscuits, in relation to the different benefits life insurance policies offer, may seem simple, but this is exactly what makes these ads so effective. This basic, yet dramatically over-the-top explanation of insurance policies, and why they’re important, is easy for anyone to understand.

Why isn’t all financial advice so clear-cut?