Finance for a Car Has Rarely Been Easier

Jul 17

While the early part of the 21st Century was a time when credit was easy, whether mortgage approval or credit card use, ironically for those people in full time employment with the ability to make regular monthly repayments, loans to buy a car are virtually guaranteed if the sum requested is realistic.

Online lenders

It is because there is a new breed of lender that is utilising the World Wide Web to attract customers and to provide a service that you used to get from your friendly local bank manager in the High Street. The High Street is still there – and the bank – but the decision making process is no longer a personal one by personnel within the building.

Isn’t it ironic that something that is in many ways remote, a website accessible on your computer, seems far more able to deal with every day issues than a bank where you may have been a customer for years? An online lender will approve a loan in minutes whether you have had credit history problems or not as long as you can show you are capable of making the monthly repayments.

Reasons to buy now

It is certainly a good time to buy:

  • Interest rates are relatively low, and in historical terms extremely low
  • There are excellent prices available from the car dealerships that are extremely keen to move stocks
  • The National Economy has improved so there should be few unemployment shocks in the system

You can find a good lender online and you should ensure that the company is fully licensed and overseen by the Financial Compliance Authority. These are basic necessities but it certainly helps if the company can demonstrate that it has a history of satisfying applicants. For example, if you were recommended a lender website such as, you may want to search their domain in various trust review websites to see if anyone has left any negative reviews, or similarly to see what any possibly positive reviews might say about the prospective lender. Hopefully, this would give you an idea of how trustworthy an online lender is.

You can work out for yourself what the likely repayments will be for borrowing a particular amount over a specific period. The website will probably have a headline interest rate though that may be raised slightly if you have had problems in the past. If you use the interactive calculator you can then decide whether the monthly repayments are affordable.

Realistic and affordable

Once you apply that is the most important thing that the lender will make a decision upon so it is important to be realistic. You will need to supply bank statements to show your regular income and expenditure. Will you be able to afford the loan repayments and the other costs of running a car from the evidence you have provided? Ideally, your employment will not be largely commissioned-based because that will make the affordability test harder to prove.

Obtaining car finance UK is a simple exercise if you are in full-time employment; apply online and receive the answer in minutes. Once you are approved you are effectively a cash buyer who can go to pick a car secure in the knowledge that the funds are available.

Loans are readily available from Internet companies that market their services through their websites. It is time to take advantage of the opportunity.