Early Christmas Felt by Macau Residents

Dec 17

Christmas has come early for the citizens of Asian gambling mecca, Macau, who are set to share in the success of the $33.7 billion revenue accumulated in 2011. Macau is world famous for its casinos and hotel complexes which attract over 28 million tourists to the area each year. These visitors bring a huge amount of wealth into the region; so much so in fact that Macau’s revenues have overtaken that of Las Vegas by more than 5 times giving it the deserved title of the world’s most successful gamblers haven based on revenue.

Lucky Nugget Casino, available online in http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au, have announced plans revealed by the Macau government to share this wealth by paying out a percentage of this staggering return to all permanent and non-permanent residents living in Macau. Permanent residents are to receive a generous $1000 payout and non-permanent residents can expect to receive $600. And as if this were thanks enough for simply living in the area, each citizen will receive $750 towards their retirement fund and $75 in medical vouchers. Although this distribution of wealth is not entirely uncommon, this year’s payout is more substantial than ever and, furthermore, the government also intends to reduce income tax by up to 30%.

In addition to benefitting from the government payout, the gambling revenue has revealed continued growth of the industry with a rise of 25.5% between January and April of this year; as the gambling industry succeeds it brings with it increasing trade for local bars, shops hotels and other local businesses so it isn’t just the gamblers that are winning in Macau. With the region thriving from trade and the government’s scheme to redistribute wealth, Macau is bustling with opportunity in a struggling economy.

This provides the perfect example of how casinos and gambling facilities can inject cash flow in to local businesses and create an influx of jobs which serves to portray the positive effect that gambling can actually have on society.