Cutting Costs by Buying a Second Hand Car

Dec 17

Purchasing a brand new vehicle can be an extremely expensive proposition, which is why so many people are turning to used cars as a better option.

In actual fact, there is virtually no financial benefit in buying completely new; if you really want a car that’s new, then you should choose one that’s a month or two old at least. They say that you lose value as soon as the car rolls off the forecourt, and this is pretty much true.

The used car market is huge; there are so many different models to choose from, and deciding which one will entirely depend on your circumstances and preferences. You can find loads of quality used cars at great value from Exchange and Mart. There are however, things that you need to think about that are more important than when you’re buying new.

One of the main things is reliability. When you buy new, you’ll be getting a manufacturer warranty, but this is likely to have expired by the time you purchase a used car. This means you really have to consider how much you’re going to be paying out if the car needs repairs. There are two main factors; the reliability of the car, and the cost of repairs. The only real way of finding out reliability is to do some research; remember that individual models will have varying reliability, as well as between manufacturers.

The mileage and history of specific cars is the next important issue. If you find a bargain that’s very high mileage and with no service history, you might find that it costs you more in the long run. Full history is the best, and the lower the mileage the better. It’s important to note that what is deemed high mileage will vary between cars. 60,000 miles is moderately high for a small hatchback, but not an issue for an executive cruiser.

Once you’ve found cars such as a mustang or a caprice classic for sale, and you’re going to look at them, you need to be ready to check them over. If you can get a mechanic to go with you, this is always a good idea, as they’ll be able to give you an idea of how well-kept the vehicle is. Go through MOT documents, receipts, and owner registration to build a picture of the car’s history.

Buying a used car can be excellent value if you do your research and put some time into finding the right vehicle.