Creative New Ideas for Perfect Business Premises

Sep 10

The recession has made companies reluctant to commit to investing in the purchase of business premises with short-term options such as renting becoming more popular. However, changes in working practices mean users are seeking more flexible solutions when it comes to business space.

Pop-up premises

A casual glance around the high street reveals alarming numbers of empty premises and industry experts predict that by 2018 a fifth of all current shops will face closure too. Could pop-up shops be the answer? Previously regarded as a seasonal phenomenon, they are increasingly popular all year round. Pop-ups are short leases on premises, often long-empty ones. They are especially useful to entrepreneurs starting out who simply do not have the money to fund premises by themselves. Not only are they a great place to test out ideas in a real-life retail environment, allowing users to gauge the market and determine which products are most successful, they can serve as a product showcase for those retailers who usually only trade online. The pop-up movement is not just restricted to traditional retailers. Art galleries, flea markets and even charity shops are getting in on the act to make the most of this unwanted space, revitalizing the flagging high street.

Join the co-working movement


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Co-working refers to a group of individuals, usually self-employed, who choose to work in premises with others in the same position. The movement originated in Silicon Valley in the mid-2000s, prompted by the technical community. Many employees, disillusioned with working for large global corporations, opted to go freelance but to avoid isolation began working in the same office space. Increasingly advanced mobile technology, the rise of the internet and the soaring popularity of remote working now means anyone can set up an office anywhere. There are many benefits to this set-up. People are more creative when surrounded by others, even if they are not working in the same field. Choosing a space with a meeting room gives users somewhere to have face-to-face consultations with clients without the expense of maintaining a conference room. Working alongside people in a similar industry can lead to beneficial collaborations. Co-working hubs work especially well for the creative, media and computing industries.

Relocating to a business park

For professional, office-based businesses, premises on a business park can be a great option. Renting space is ideal for those companies that either do not own any premises or would prefer the flexibility that a shorter-term contract offers. They might choose a location near other companies involved in their particular industry in order to build a more effective and profitable business relationship. There are several other advantages to this set-up. Business parks are purpose-built so all the offices will be finished to a very high specification and designed to suit users’ requirements with suitable office monster furniture, or furniture from similar providers. Cleaning and maintenance are usually included within the contract, allowing users to be reassured that good operating standards will be maintained. Most business parks often hire a Junk Removal firm that helps in keeping the office premise clean by removing unnecessary junk. This can include office furniture, equipment, construction debris, and more. These firms can remove junk quickly with minimal disruption to business processes. That said, business parks also have good transport links and plenty of free parking, making them a practical choice for employees too.

Choosing the right location

It is important to choose a growing location with good transport links and local infrastructure that will support your business. For example, a vibrant location like Birmingham will give you access to business and financial support via the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Project. Birmingham is one of the first Enterprise Zones supported by the government. You can find out more information on Birmingham business spaces here.

With a little lateral thinking, companies can find the perfect premises to help them meet business challenges head-on.


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