Conference Call Company Takes Control and Becomes the Market Leader

Sep 26

Powwownow has fast become the market leader for free teleconferencing in the UK and continues to expand. This fast moving company now operates throughout 15 other countries and has a staggering 7.6 million pound annual turnover. The growth and development is believed to be due to fantastic cash flow systems and incredibly strong leadership.

Every element of this company is well planned and executed, ensuring that people find the distinctive name hard to forget. The latest advertising campaign, named “More sense than money” highlights the strong market position of the company. It also uniquely and provocatively pokes fun at businesses that are unable to control their cash flow.

The company has one clear mission, which is to keep every part of their business straightforward and easy to understand. Many people refuse to use modern technology as it is confusing, daunting, and often expensive. However, Powwownow remains adamant that they can provide an excellent service for an affordable price.

Simon Curry who is the chief executive clearly states that the company focuses on delivering a fantastic service at an outstanding value for money. The optimistic prospects for the company are brilliant, as the market continues to expand. In the last year’s Tech Track 100 Powwownow was ranked at No 82, with growth for this year is up 30% year on year.

These figures are fantastic and have been achieved before the recent loan of 2.5 million pounds from Barclays. This loan was achieved through the National Loan Guarantee Scheme, which allows Britain to use the excellent credit rating to pass savings onto customers. Powwownow have marketed the ever changing structure of business, and ensured that they have kept up to date with what businesses need.

The working relationship between Powwownow and Barclays is strong, and both parties understand the direction that the company needs to be moving towards. The experience and knowledge that Barclays provides is fantastic and offers a far deeper understanding of this industry. As the company grows and develops it needs to ensure that they retain a significant proportion of the share market.

Growth within the audio market is developing fast, and there are further plans for more collaboration products, video and high definition audio devices. The distinctive ability of Powwownow to both develop and mature the business has ensured that it remains popular. Other companies are recognising the success, and want Powwownow to be involved with their products.

There is no doubt that the company is profitable and growing well in tough climates; however, there is always room for further development. Simon Curry understands why he was brought into the team and plans to ensure that he oversees the next stage of the company’s growth. With any business that is developing the team needs to be quick and capable of moving quickly.

The management team need to ensure that as the company moves rapidly, the structure and discipline remains. This will ensure that the business remains appealing and grounded, which is essential for people wanting to use the services. With the excellent team that is behind Powwownow conference calling, the ability to reach goals is far easier.