Cheap Yet Creative DIY Coat Hangers For The Thrifty

Oct 21

Designing the entryway of your home is incomplete without incorporating a functional coat hanger or rack for both winter and summer essentials. As a homeowner, it’s essential to have an organized and aesthetically pleasing spot to store your items. Creating your own coat rack allows you to blend both functionality and style, aligning with your personal taste and organizational needs. The key is ensuring you have the right materials and tools for the task.

Common household materials like rope, string, twine, and wire can be used, along with items like paper clips and binder clips. When it comes to tools, you can consider buying scissors, hot glue, and pliers for DIY coat rack projects. Now, with these materials and tools in hand, it’s time to explore various creative options for crafting your coat hanger. If you’re in need of ideas, consider the following five options:

Eclectic Knobs


For a unique option for the storing of your coats and hats, you can choose to create a rack with knobs. By using glass drawer pulls or old antique knobs, you can create an interesting place to store your items. Take an old piece of wood or a simple 2×4 to create the coat rack. Paint the wood or use the natural tones and place the knobs along the board to have a unique place to hang your items. You can use your creativity with color and design to create a custom piece for your home. You can also install the rack on a wall, and paint the wall accordingly. You can choose to paint the wall yourself or hire professional painters in Lakewood, CO, or somewhere nearer to you to get the job done more efficiently.

Old to New

Using old items can give your home a unique look as well as create a custom piece for your home. Consider any old items you may have or visit antique stores to find items that you can use to create your own coat rack. From old ladders to boat oars, you can use unique pieces to create a rack that will serve the purpose of organization as well as design style.

Window to Organization


One of the most popular pieces to use when creating a DIY project is windows. You can take an old window pane and create basically anything, including coat storage! You can place knobs or hooks at the bottom of the pane and then hang the window for storage. You can use the glass panes to place pictures or you can paint the panes with chalkboard paint to have a writing space for notes or reminders. The options are endless and you will have a nice design feature in the home.

Design + Function

It is important to remember that you need a piece that meets your aesthetic needs but also function. When searching for materials, you want to use items that are conducive to your style as well as storage needs. Consider the members of your family and how much storage space you need. This will help you to determine how many coat hooks you need and where you need to place the item. Try not to get ahead of yourself during the planning stages to ensure that you create the best option possible for home coat storage. You can find great ideas for design with function at online design sites such as Consider your d├ęcor and design style to provide you with the best option for your home. Pinterest is another great resource for finding ideas for your DIY project.

Think Outside the Box


When planning your design, think outside the box. Consider different items and how you can use them to create a unique piece for your home. An example of this would be to take a long wooden ladder and create a unique coat rack for the home. You can add hooks to the ladder, place pictures or even flowers and foliage to the ladder for a unique look. Moreover, if you do not want to keep it simple, you can look for more complex designs, if you think they will suit your home. Those unable to DIY it needn’t worry as well; they can call a local handyman in Folsom or wherever they live to build a custom coat hanger of their choice for them.

Basically, the options are endless for you to create a DIY coat rack for your home. Take your time to create a unique piece that is pleasing to the eye as well as provides functionality in the home. Rushing ahead with the first design you like is not advisable as you are likely to come across several option of different styles and purposes. So take your time.