Cheap Entertainment for Students on a Budget

Oct 24

Once you’ve crossed the academic threshold and you’re fully immersed in your new life as a tertiary student the reality of just how little each of your pounds buys comes down on you like a tonne of bricks. It doesn’t get better, unless you hit the lottery or something, but then again who has any money to spend on lottery tickets when there are so many other functions for each pound you could think of?

Since entertainment is a crucial part of your student life however and you simply have to cater to your entertainment needs in order to maintain a healthy student life balance, it helps to get acquainted with some student entertainment fixes that are available either completely free or for a very low price.

Hiking, Picnicking and Camping

Well you could always separate these activities and enjoy them each individually, but it’s perhaps much better to bundle them into one outing so that nothing gets boring too quickly. Kick things off at a nice spot, but plan properly with a few friends to perhaps incorporate those hiking trails, picnic spots and camping grounds known to be free and safe.

Cycling Tours

Typical campus life already has many students getting around on their bicycles, so if you’re one of those then you can take your bike for a longer ride and explore some of those sights which are perhaps even on the outskirts of your university’s city. Bikes are otherwise usually very cheap to hire out in any case, but these sorts of things are always fun done as part of a group.

Open Mic Night

Open mic nights for talent shows like stand-up comedy usually go for nothing at all or for very cheap, so just make sure you perhaps have enough money for refreshments, snacks or maybe even a dinner, and you’ll have a royally good time without breaking the bank.

Series Binge Nights and Movie Marathons

As if these need mentioning at all! Not only are movie nights and bingeing on those addictive hit TV series a great way to have a really good time without spending anything, but it’s also perhaps a preferred method of kicking back and relaxing in any case.

When it comes to finding something new to watch, of course, you’d have plenty to choose from depending on the platforms you have on your device. For college-going students, movies and shows that are about the college experience may be more appealing and relatable to their lives. So, you could explore shows that depict College Life In Anime if anime is your thing, Community for some surreal humour, Rick and Morty if you like adult sci-fi cartoons, and so much more. We know all about Netflix and the like, but college residences usually have some in-house LAN server which has all manner of viewing entertainment. So, you could fish out different types of anime, series, movies, documentaries, and practically everything there is to watch under the sun.

Plus you’re in college so why not spice up your night in and add a little bit of alcohol in the mix, especially since you can get a great Florida, Oregan, or Washington fake ID plus many more locations so you can get the booze you need for a fun night in college! In addition, you can order and store your favourite snacks for your movie nights beforehand, as there are many marketplaces that can even provide you with usa sweets in the UK! Perfect binge-eating items for your binge-watching nights.

City Bus Tours

Push the parameters of your monthly bus pass to the limits and go for what is essentially a make-shift city bus tour. The unlimited bus rides you likely enjoy as part of the conditions of bus passes which are valid for more than a week can be used to visit all corners of the city without spending a single penny over what you already paid for your transport.

If you run out of cash along the way, at least you’re safe knowing that your transport back is all sorted, otherwise half the fun waiting to be uncovered in any city that has a university in it is available for those who simply just showing up.