Nov 05

My family is about to celebrate a very special occasion.  The 50th wedding anniversary of our parents! Why is it special? Well, it is rare to see married couple stick together that long, right?  Normally, we see folks separate ways after a few years. Fortunately, our parents believe in ‘forever’ and after fifty years they still respect, care and love each other. THAT is worth celebrating! So, we decided to have a small get together – just the family and some special friends – and enjoy the special day with the lovely couple.

Simple, memorable and not very expensive are the family requirements. They also asked me to organize the get-together because they are engaged with work and some other stuff.  Well, challenge accepted!

The Choices –

Prepare the food at home

When it comes to food preparation, the family gave me two options. We buy and cook the food ourselves or we select a restaurant.

 Well, when you are into online shopping like me, any which way is fine. I am sure I can find what I want after a few minutes of surfing the internet and clicking here and there.  Moreover, I can meet the ‘not very expensive’ requirement because I plan to use discount or voucher codes from different companies.

In fact I saw a website called Voucher Code Gator and the discounts they are offering are amazing.  They have discount codes for wines, champagnes, vegetables, groceries a lot more. All the things we will need for the family celebration in one website! We just need to make a menu plan and start shopping. Also, it is not hard to select because they give tons of choices from wines to vegetables to fruits. But the best part about the deal is the more I shop from the website, the more I get discounts! First-time shoppers like me can get £30 off from my grocery purchase. They also give £10 to £20 off when I shop again and again!

Let the Pros do it

 Buying products with big discounts and cooking them at home sounds great, right?  But what if I just let the professionals do the food preparation? I believe my family will love the celebration more if preparations are less. Cooking for twenty plus guests is tiring and not everybody is willing to help in the food preparation. Scouting a nice restaurant is not that hard and best of all I can also use discount or voucher codes to save some cash.

Luckily, the same website also offers voucher or discount codes from restaurants. I just go over the list of restaurants, pick one or two and make the necessary clicks. No hassle, no mess!  I just do some clicking and the party food is ready!

That’s it, two great choices for a wonderful event and either way I only need to tap my keyboard.   Today, we all need to become wise consumers and learn some money-saving tricks on the side. That’s why I make sure I think twice before I buy things and if I do buy things I always use discount or voucher codes when available. Try it!