Casino Entertainment For Free

Sep 24

We all like something new to do and if you can do it without spending anything, then so much the better. In my search for a way to while away an evening while my other half watched one of the endless games of football that seem to dominate the TV schedules these days – at least it seems the case in our house – I discovered that you can now play casino games for free on the internet.

You may wonder why I’d want to play them for free – doesn’t that mean you don’t win anything either? Well, yes, it does, but crucially it means there’s no chance of losing anything while you’re having fun playing these games – something that had always put me off ever trying them until now. But no, I discovered, you can play online slots with 32Red for absolutely nothing, nada. All you do is login to the site and play in practice mode. The games play through as if you were playing with real money – exactly the same, so you get all the excitement of winning when it happens, but if you lose, it doesn’t matter as you’re not losing real cash.

With over 300 games to choose from, I could easily find enough slots games on 32Red to get me through a whole season of football matches. But I have to admit, the welcome bonus that was on offer for a new player making their first deposit did make me sign up and put down the minimum amount to qualify. For just a £10 deposit, I got an extra £32 to play with – meaning I’d tripled my money before I’d even placed a bet. My plan at the moment is to see what I can do with that money and not add any more in. I’m curious to see whether I can grow the amount – if I choose the games that offer the best value odds and place conservative bets. Even if I don’t increase my stake from here, and I gradually work my way through it, I still think I’ll get value entertainment out of my £10 investment.

Of course, 32Red isn’t the only site that offers a welcome bonus to new players. I’ve seen other casino sites offering similar deals, and there are also no-deposit bonuses on most sites where you can play real games for free during a limited time period. This is really the best way to trial the games on a site, and you could potentially roll the bonus money into the beginnings of a bankroll – if you were very lucky with the bets you placed. At the very least, though, you’ll have some fun trying!

Image by  timomcd