Ensures Protection for Your Second Home

Oct 03

Lots of people dream about owning a second property – a home away from home where they can escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. If you are lucky enough to have achieved your dream second home, you’ll want to ensure it is safe during the periods it is unoccupied.

Second homes can be used in a variety of different ways. Some families use their property for just family and friends on an every weekend basis; others are used as regular holiday lets; while some may be let on a longer term basis. This can make choosing a one-size-fits-all insurance policy very difficult, as each owner’s specific needs are so diverse.

If you are unsure which second home policy to choose, speak to the experts at provides a range of insurance policies for second home-owners, which guarantee your property is completely covered however you plan on using it. makes no assumptions about your property, because doing so may leave costly voids in your insurance policy. Instead, the company offers policies based on the details you provide, so no stone is left unturned. This minimises the potential risks for owners of second homes.

The importance of having insurance
Because a second home may be vacated for long periods of time, owners need the assurance that their property and any possessions will remain covered in the event of crime or damage. Empty properties are inviting the thieves, so properties equipped with high value audio-visual equipment can be considered high risk.

In addition, during the winter months, vacant properties left chilled and unused often suffer from burst pipes due to ice expanding in colder weather. To prevent this, homeowners tend to ensure that the exterior of their property is covered with sidings (James Hardie Siding in Raleigh or similar companies in the area can help with the same) which can act as a protective layer during turbulent weather. Similarly, leaks in the roof, without regular observation and maintenance, may mean water damage is caused inside the house, all for which you will require cover.

To ensure that your property remains covered by your policy, insurance providers often require you to have it inspected regularly. And, if you find yourself being subjected to any of the above scenarios, you might need to call qualified plumbers like Murrieta plumbers at the earliest convenience. They can help you repair all the water-damaged pipes and make sure that you are still covered by your insurance.

Houses let out as holiday homes should be protected against accidental damage to the property and any of its contents, as well as items that may go missing. If yours is to be let out in this manner, it is vital you inform your insurance provider; not doing so may leave gaps in your cover.

Second homes tend to be located in areas of natural beauty – by lakes, streams, or in seaside resorts. While these locations are incredibly scenic, they can also pose additional risks to the property for which insurance is vital. Any property close to water should be covered for flood damage. They can also do their individual research through internet sources and search keywords like “water damage restoration minneapolis” and keep the contact information of reputable services providers within the vicinity. This could come in handy, especially during circumstances like flood damage or a hurricane and they want to get the repairs done. This is especially important for second homes because you may not be there to witness the flooding and take any preventative measures – i.e. moving personal belonging or placing sand bags.

By choosing you guarantee the protection of your second property and possessions, in a range of different circumstances. helps you find the best deals for your exact requirements, so you able to save money while ensuring comprehensive cover for you home away from home.