Buying Cheap Contact Lenses in the UK

Mar 21

If you have ever had to wear glasses, you will know that contact lenses can make a life-changing difference. As long as you can get on with placing them in your eyes, they are easy to use, hygienic, and they allow you to do things such as play sports and sunbath which can be difficult when wearing glasses. The only downside is that they can be pricey, particularly if you have astigmatism or other ailment meaning that you have to wear specialist lenses. This can add even more cost onto something that is already considered expensive. In some cases, especially if you are struggling with your eyesight from a young age, is to instead opt for laser eye surgery. Although the initial cost may be greater, it can end up saving you money in the long run. You can look to sites such as if this interests you. However, if you’re happy to stick it out with contact lens a little longer, then knowing where to look and how to purchase your lenses is key to finding a great bargain.

High Street Retailers

Depending on which shop you go to will depend on the price that you get for your lenses; many will offer first-time contact lens wearers a free or discounted lens check normally worth 35.00 and may even promote a ‘trial’ session of wearing lenses. The cheapest way to purchase from high street retailers such as Vision Express, Specsavers, and Boots is to get them delivered to you buy post and this normally includes an aftercare package in the price. From high street retailers, you can expect to pay between 15.00 and 50.00 per month, depending on whether you wear dailies, monthlies, or anything in between, and whether you need specialist lenses. In some cases, you may still need to wear glasses at certain times if you’ve forgotten your contacts or you’ve misplaced them. If that is the result you can check out websites such as to browse available glasses so your vision is always covered.

Online Retailers

Alongside the online versions of the high street retailers, there are also additional ‘online only’ sites such as, Lenstore and FeelGoodContacts who specialise in different types of lens. These work in the same way as high street retailers; you must have an up to date prescription in order to receive them, but have the added advantage of the option to buy in bulk to make it cheaper. The process is extremely easy; type in the details of your prescription, choose how many contact lenses you need and you’re done! Purchasing from these online retailers can reduce your bill considerably, particularly if you need specialist designs, sometimes in the region of 10- 20 a month if purchased in bulk.

Cashback Sites

If you are a member of any cashback sites, check them regularly for offers and discounts. Not only will you get the benefits of the cheaper prices online but combined with cashback sites you could be paying as little as 10 a month for your lenses!

Although high street retailers are an absolute must for keeping your eyes checked once a year to make sure your contact lenses are not damaging your eyesight, it is well worth looking around for the best deals online. As with many items, do not feel hesitant about changing suppliers if you are offered ‘new customer’ bonuses; make the most of your savings!