Buying a Van on a Shoestring Budget: 3 Great Options

Nov 03

For many business owners, and those employed in the transportation, removal, or delivery sectors, owning a van is essential. It’s a vital piece of equipment that you simply can’t function without, so choosing the right make and model is crucial.

However, reliable and dependable vehicles frequently have a premium attached. Buying them new is often out of the question, but even purchasing them second-hand can stretch some people’s budgets to an unfeasible degree.

This means that it’s really important to identify makes and models that balance these two essentials: economy and performance. This is no easy task, and fuel efficiency and a low cost upkeep often need to be factored in too, complicating issues still further.

This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. There are a number of vans out there that fit the bill. Some businesses might even want to go here to find video telematics solutions that could help them to monitor fuel usage. Telematics can show locations of drivers and can show driving data to keep business owners informed. That could be incorporated in any vans to keep drivers safe. Now, you just need a van. Here are three that you might want to consider…

#1: Peugeot Bipper

For those in need of a pint-sized model, the Peugeot Bipper is the perfect choice for a budget van. Economical at 68.9mpg, it boasts a practical load area with a 2.5m3 load volume. It’s cleverly designed with a folded passenger seat to provide more space when it’s needed, and to accommodate the transportation of long or awkwardly shaped items. With the addition of a sliding door to provide easier access during loading, it’s an ideal run-around for those with a modest purse and a busy business.

#2: Fiat Fiorino

The Fiat Fiorino is another petite addition to this list, and as you might expect, its economical frame lends itself well to modest fuel consumption. Similar in looks to the popular Bipper, this offering from Fiat shares the same reliability, dependability, and usefulness, but it’s even cheaper to run. Maintenance costs are incredibly low, and this is a vehicle that could run for years and years without any issues. With a handy start-stop system to increase its fuel saving capacities to a truly impressive level, it’s an ideal choice for small businesses in need of a handy run-around.

#3: Nissan NV200

A third option to consider is the phenomenal Nissan NV200. Available for as little as 5,000 second-hand, it boasts fantastic performance, an impressive weight bearing capacity, and a large, roomy area in the back for transporting goods and cargo. It is highly popular amongst those in the transportation and delivery industries, thanks to its exceptional driveability, and handles like a much smaller vehicle, making it manoeuvrable and pleasant to use, without detracting from its usefulness. Featuring exceptional fuel economy and a high carrying capacity, the NV200 is perfect for businesses that deliver in bulk, or frequently transport large amounts of equipment or heavy items from location to location.

If you’re looking for your next business vehicle, could one of these vans be the ideal option for you?