How to save on your Business Electrical Bills

May 03

Undoubtedly it is the desire of every small business owner to maximize profits and minimize costs. A simple and effective way to accomplish this is to reduce hefty electrical bills. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, one of which is through the repair or replacement of faulty wiring.

In the case of an outdated and damaged electrical wiring system, your business could lose a significant amount of energy, resulting in higher electricity bills. If this occurs, it is recommended that you hire an electrician hampton (or wherever you live) to repair the wiring. By having a properly functioning wiring system, your business can reap the benefits of improved energy efficiency and lower electricity bills.

As another solution, you can consider switching energy providers. A big part of your electricity bills is the rates that you’re being charged, which may be more than the market rate sometimes. It’s best to compare Cheap Energy Plans in Houston, or wherever your business is located, regularly so that you know you’re paying the best price. If not, a good way to reduce costs would be to switch to another provider. Additionally, you might want to consider installing a half-hour electricity billing system for accurate billing. If, like most people, you have no idea how a billing system works, you can read the blog to learn more.

What are they?
Half hour electricity meters are not very different from smart meters. Just as the name suggests, they are designed to monitor the amount of electrical power consumed every 30 minutes and thereafter relay a report to the supplier by means of a landline. Due to this, the bills received every end of the month will be a true reflection of what’s happening on the ground. Half hour electricity billing can help improve energy efficiency in your business since it allows you to see the rate of consumption at different times of the day. For a bit more background this is quite a useful site:

Who should use them?
Any company or business that consumes in excess of 100kiloWatts every thirty minutes is required by law to use a half hour meter system. In other words if you fall in this category, you really have no option. On the other hand, if your rate of consumption is in the area of 70 kilowatts then you can either choose to use this system or not. To install these meters, a seamless solution can be found by enlisting the expertise of a reputable Sydney electrician or any other location where your business resides. These skilled professionals will adeptly handle the installation process, ensuring it is executed with precision and safety in mind.

Am I already using a half-hour meter?
You can determine whether or not the meter installed in your business uses the half hour system by checking your electricity bill. Basically what you will be looking for is the “S” number; if it is 00 then you are using a half hour meter system. If the number is 05, 06, 07 or 08 then you MAY have a half hour meter system and so to be 100% sure, you will have to confirm with your provider.

The difference
Because the supplier is able to get the most current data, the estimated and projected values on a half hour meter will be quite different from those found on a regular meter. As mentioned, the readings will be very accurate and so you will only pay for what you consume, not more.

Switching tariffs
Switching tariffs with half hour meters can be a tricky undertaking because of the modus operandi in the power industry. Be that as it may, it is possible to save some money by enlisting the services of an energy broker who knows how things in the industry work and also how to deal with the various service providers.