Bosch WAE244S1GB Washing Machine Review

Mar 13

Bosch washing machines are considered to be top of their field, and there are several different models to select for your kitchen. Owning a washing machine is now considered to be a necessity, and no longer an item for the rich. You need to consider your budget, and needs before rushing out to buy a new washing machine, and reading the reviews will provide insight.

The Bosch WAE244S1GB washing machine is fantastic and offers a huge array of different features, which will ensure that your machine is far more energy efficient. This 7KG load machine guarantees that you will be able to wash the family’s clothes without having to worry about space. With a fantastic,  A rating and a brilliant 1200rpm spin, you will notice the difference when washing.

Every element of the Bosch washing machines is excellent and provides top class technology, alongside stylish designs. You will experience efficiency and speed at the touch of a button, guaranteeing that the laundry is no longer a chore. The Varioperfect technology, which is included in every machine, allows you to choose the cycle that matches your needs.

Whether you want to choose delicates, wool, silks, or colours there are programs and options for you to select. Busy households may prefer the speed cycle, which allows a fast, effective wash, but you also have the slower Eco cycle which is friendlier towards the environment. There is even a rapid 15 minute wash, which is excellent for people on the move.

You will be amazed at the technology which is used within the Bosch WAE244S1GB washing machine, and how effective these elements make the machine. The 3D Aquaspa wash system is fantastic and allows the water to enter from three sides, providing an even water distribution. Throughout the wash cycle, the specially designed paddles propel your laundry and ensure that every item experiences a gentle wash.

There are also reduced ironing options, which will make your overall experience far more pleasant, and ensure that your time is spent effectively. The WAE244S1GB will guarantee that your laundry duties are enjoyed rather than being a chore. You can choose to use every programme with the EcoPerfect or SpeedPerfect option, which will save water, and perform faster.

If you forget an item, you can easily use the reload function, which allows you to pause the wash, and add the item. This is of course only possible if the water hasn’t risen too high in the drum, and the cycle has only just begun. The excellent time delay features, and clearly displayed clock, will allow you to see exactly what time is remaining.

Every aspect of this machine is straightforward to use and ensures that you can do the laundry trouble free. Bosch also offers a fantastic 10 year guarantee that covers all parts and repairs if they need replacing. With the amazing 7KG capacity, the Bosch WAE244S1GB washing machine appeals to many different people.