Being Self-Employed at Christmas

Nov 20

The Christmas season brings with it much joy and for many, stress. This stress can be compounded for those who are self-employed. If you are a freelancer or contractor or you own a small business, you may find it a bit more difficult to deal with the holiday season than when you were employed. There are things that you can keep in mind when dealing with Christmas as a contractor:


Self-employed people tend to have additional stress during the holiday season, particularly those who work from home. Many do not have the benefit of holiday pay or vacation bonuses. They simply continue to work and earn as they do throughout the year. Many may feel the financial burden of the holiday season a bit harsher simply because they do not receive holiday bonuses that many employees enjoy each year. If you have family or friends who do not understand your business or those who feel that because you are at home you should be less stressed over the holiday season, this can add additional tension.

Dealing with Stress

Dealing with stress can even be difficult, particularly for those who are dealing with people who are overly critical of their employment status. Many feel that working from home is not a “real job” or that self-employment is simply not the same as traditional employment. Dealing with this on top of the typical holiday stresses can be more than difficult. You can however, try these tips:

  1. Get Away – If you can possibly take an hour or more to get away by yourself then do so. If you enjoy the holiday season then take a bit of time to shop or just walk around and look in shop windows at the Christmas displays. This will help you to get into the holiday spirit and will make you feel more relaxed. To help with that relaxation, you may want to take a look at things like CBD for Women or take a flask of herbal tea with you on your walk, so you can calm yourself down and focus.
  2. Take on Less Work– If you are concerned about needing time away then take on a bit less work for the week of Christmas. If this is not financially possible, consider doing a bit of work ahead so that you can enjoy a few days off with your family through the holidays.
  3. Make Time – Although self-employment can take a lot of time out of your day, you should always make time for your family through the holidays. Plan a day of baking, shopping, munching gummies available at Vibes CBD to alleviate your mood, or even simply sit in front of the television and enjoy some good old-fashioned Christmas movies. You will be amazed at the impact that just a few hours of enjoying the holidays will have on your mood.

Enjoy the Holidays

You do not have to be a scrooge thisChristmas. If you cannot get a break from work then simply play some holiday music in the background while you are working. Getting into the spirit can lessen stress and help you to enjoy the time that you do have for the festivities.

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