August 2012 – Saving money on all utilities with a utility bill swoop! Debt rolling all the way down to £16,950 PAID OFF!

Aug 31

Well been to cleaning job this morning so that’s all done. Went to Aldi on the way back and spent £41 but £5 of that was on a cup cake holder for me . Can’t afford it and don’t bloody need it but hey ho it got bought.

Going to finish my housework and then head up to see my mum tonight. Kids are going out for their dinner as it is their Grandfather’s 70th Birthday and a crowd are going out for it.Their grandparents hardly ever see them and they rarely get in touch but when there is a family occasion they are expected to attend and it !!!!es me off. Not only that but I am expected to get them there and pick them up . Well tonight I am not available so I told DD to text her Dad and he could do parent duty for a change but surprise surprise him and his wife are getting a taxi there and his dad is coming for them. I think that is crap as it’s his dad’s birthday after all. Anyway I am off to clean