Are Your Unwanted Clothes a Vintage Goldmine?

Mar 01

If your grandmother’s clothes are packed away in the loft it is time to get them down and go through them. And if you have any limited edition clothing or unique garments you could be sitting on a vintage goldmine.

Online buyers are purchasing vintage clothing

Followers of fashion are highly interested in purchasing vintage clothing at the moment, whether the garments are genuinely from an older period or just have a vintage appearance. And even better news is that you don’t have to go out and find the buyers for your unwanted clothes. There are buyers on the internet that will purchase as many garments as you possess.

Old vintage wedding dresses, blouses adorned with ruffles and lace, jackets featuring tie waists, and anything with a touch of retro charm are just a few examples of garments you can turn into cash. Also, ensure that the clothes are stored in good condition as it can increase your chances of a more profitable sale. For this, you might consider storing the clothes in a sturdy carton box, tucked away in a corner of the room. However, if you find yourself short on space, opting for a storage facility can be a practical choice too. You might consider exploring the storage prices in your area and choose one that aligns with your budget. Safely keep the vintage clothes stored in the facility until you either get a call from an online buyer.

Badly stored clothes deteriorate in the long term

Whilst keeping your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress may preserve memories unless clothes are stored in ideal conditions they deteriorate and discolour over time, the fabric breaks down and then you have nothing more than a rather elaborate and large rag. Wouldn’t it be better to put these dresses back into circulation where they will be worn again? If they are never worn again ultimately they will be thrown away, which seems such a waste considering the work that was put into creating the gown, many of which were hand made.

Make significant money selling your vintage clothing online

Vintage clothing is in at the moment so cashing in he trend makes sense, especially if you are struggling financially. Depending on the condition of the vintage garments you have, you can make significant money.

Online vintage clothing buyers are very organised and efficient nowadays. You will usually be able to enter the garment into the box provided and get an instant price for it. The entire transaction can be done online and payment is within a few days. Couriers collect the garments so you don’t have to find the postage or delivery costs.

Get extra cash for your unwanted clothes

In addition to the vintage goldmine you may have, other clothes are also in demand, so if you are Spring cleaning this year give the wardrobes an airing too. By clearing the wardrobes of unwanted clothing you can not only make money but also space for clothes that are in regular use.

You could even clear out the guest bedroom wardrobe so that the next time your friends or family come to visit they do actually have some room to hang their clothes!

There aren’t many of us who don’t need extra cash at the moment, so it really does make sense to sell your clothes that are simply never worn. The only difficulty that might arise is if you use the money to purchase more clothes, in which case you will be back to square one!